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September 12, 2009 5:00 PM BST
Coliseum Alfonso Pérez
Referee:‬ Iturralde González‎
Messi 80′
FULL TIME! Itturalde Gonzalez brings an end to Getafe's misery as Barcelona run out 2-0 winners. The first half was largely the story of the home side, but Barca came out like a team possessed following the introduction of Andres Iniesta and especially Lionel Messi. Barca retake top spot while Geta remain on three points. Join us shortly for player ratings and the match report, as well as more action over the course of the evening!
Keita makes a run down the left, unencumbered by Cortes, but rolls his shot just past the post as Barca finish the game in style.
Ooh! Good work from Xavi puts Ibra through, but Ustari prevents the third with another low save. Geta's little renaissance has fizzled out and they look devoid of confidence now.
Yellow Card Rafa
Barca are now looking secure and able to hit on the break - the introduction of Messi and Iniesta has galvanised the rest of the team, not least Ibrahimovic.
Getafe's heads aren't quite down, to their credit, but these long balls forward are providing easy pickings for Pique and Chygrinskiy. Barca's long ball to Ibra, meanwhile, fails due to the offside trap.
Goal Messi
GOAL BARCELONA! GAOL GOAL GOAL! And a fine one at that - a Lionel Messi header! In came Xavi's ball from the right to Ibrahimovic at the far post. The forward unselfishly clipped the ball into the middle of the six yard box for Leo to head home. The centre-backs, Rafa and Cata Diaz, could have done better there, but it was some fluid football and a good finish.
OOH! Poor finish from Iniesta there after Ibra cut the ball back for him - it was right at Ustari, who saved with ease. Next, a frustrated Roberto Soldado picks up a booking for a late challenge on Seydou Keita.
That's another good long-range effort from Seydou Keita after being put through by Ibrahimovic, but the shot is blocked.
Yellow Card Mané
Puyol comes off for Dani Alves while Geta replace Pedro Leon with Manu del Moral. Barca look to have the upper hand mentally as well as on the scoreboard.
Substitution Pedro León Manu Del Moral
Substitution Carles Puyol Daniel Alves
GOOOOAAAAAAAAL! IBRAHIMOVIC SCORES! TWO IN TWO GAMES AS BARCA TAKE THE LEAD! Great play from Eric Abidal down the left, and he finds Ibra at the near post to beat Ustari.
Goal Zlatan Ibrahimovic
That's more like it from Messi! On the counter after a Pedro Leon effort, the Argentine weaves his way out side, but his cross is lacking slightly. He does the same again and this time wins a free-kick, to be taken by Xavi...
Some more scrappy midfield play, with Messi yet to really impose himself on the game just yet.
Substitution Parejo Francisco Casquero
Ustari has to knock a Xavi long shot over for a corner - a speculative effort, but one that nearly bore fruit. In comes Barca's fifth corner from the man himself... cleared with little difficulty.
Out come the big guns. Jeffren's off for Lionel Messi, and Andres Iniesta comes on for Pedro. Getafe respond with a slightly more modest alteration: old warhorse and long shot specialist Javi Casquero on for Parejo.
Substitution Pedro Andrés Iniesta Luján
Substitution Jeffrén Suárez Messi
Keita's long cross to Jeffren almost results in a dangerous cutback but Rafa punts it clear. And a familiar face is suited and booted on the touchline now - Andres Iniesta.
Now Xavi wins and takes a free-kick at the other end, but Cata Diaz heads clear. Foul city here as Xavi then fouls Soldado in midfield, and Geta take quickly... Albin sprays it out left to Mane, who dummies Puyol, but the captain recovers to block the cross.
Pedro Leon strikes it... off the wall! Corner! But nothing comes of the set piece. Still, Geta win back the bball, Mane hoofs the long ball forward, and Soldado brings it down in the box for a SHOT! No! Blocked, and he's called offside by the main stand side linesman. An incorrect decision as Abidal was playing him on.
Yellow Card Seydou Keita
Replays show that Keita turned and ddeflected the ball with his elbow, so here's that twenty-yard free-kick coming up...
Pedro Leon is taken down on the edge of the box by Keita, and the winger fights for the ball with Dani Parejo for the free-kick! Pedro Leon to take it... off the wall... and referee Itturalde Gonzalez calls for handball against Seydou Keita, resulting in another free-kick, right on the edge of the box.
Another decent low drive there from Celestini, but again Valdes has little trouble getting down to smother it. Barca play it out short but Getafe win it back in midfield - suddenly possession play looks less secure.
Pedro Leon is run off the ball well by Abidal, but the Frenchman loses it. Soldado has a chance to start a counter but his misplaced backheel misses Pedro Leon. Barca hoof it down, but Pedro can't keep it in play. Now it's getting scrappy again!
Good clearance from Cata Diaz as Jeffren's cross threatens to find Ibrahimovic at the far post, as Barca start in style.
We're back for the second period. No changes for either side.
45′ +1
The half ends with the restless crowd at the Coliseum pleased with what they've seen. Getafe perhaps should have a narrow lead, but Barca have had a chance or two as well. The European and Spanish champions need to improve in the second half to win at this, a bogey ground. Join me in 15 - around 18:00 UK time and 19:00 CET - for the second half!
Barca coach Pep Guardiola may wish to turn to the likes of Lionel Messi, Dani Alves, Thierry Henry, and Andres Iniesta, all of whom are rested on the bench right now, as half-time approaches. One minute of stoppage time.
OHHHH! USTARI SAVES FROM AN IBRA ONE-ON-ONE! A chance from very little there as Cata missed an interception and Ibra did well to get ahead of Rafa and meet Xavi's cross, but Ibrahimovic's low shot was held well by Ustari. The forward could have done better, but some credit must go to the Argentine stopper, too.
Ibra's way offside for a through-ball from Pedro. Both forwards had the right idea there on the break but the timing was off.
A long-ranger from Xavi is well wayward, and Geta are on the run again down the left through Mane, who wins a throw-in - a fine game for the full-back so far,but eventually Barca get the clearance away.
Some excellent dribbling there through the middle from Adrian, but no chance comes of it. Geta still looking good here.
A little knock for Celestini there as he and Seydou Keita lunge for the same ball, but the Swiss is up and walking, despite earlier protestations.
Again the game grows a bit scrappy and devoid of chances, but Geta continue to press down the left flank.
Barcalona resort to patient play again, Pedro looking especially reluctant to play that final ball when there are options behind. Still, this kind of patient possession play has served Barca well over the last twelve months - the home fans aren't impressed, but it's not up to them!
Ooh! First real chance of the game for Barca there as a long range effort flies in from - you guessed it - Seydou Keita. It was inches wide from thirty yards, and though there was a hint of a deflection off Adrian, the referee declines to award a corner.
OHHHH! SO NEARLY A GETAFE GOAL! An excellent counter saw Mane cross out well wide for Pedro Leon on the other side, who hit it to the near post for... well, a 'sitting overhead kick' is the best way to phrase what Soldado attempted. Valdes parries it and Chiygrinskiy hits it out for a corner!
Barca win a corner, and it's taken low to Ibra at the near post. He fluffs a shot, then scoops a second off a defender for another corner. Xavi to take again... far post this time for Puyol, but the captain can't get the header to it.
Jeffren's drifting inside a lot more now and is looking slightly less comfortable as he gives away a foul on Albin. Meanwhile Pedro Leon is tackled well by Abidal, and then Yaya Toure plays an excellent ball forward to Ibra out wide, but his ball across the edge of the area is easily scooped clear by Cata Diaz.
The game's breaking down in the midfield to a great extent now as Geta enforce thing sa bit more clearly. But their long-ball counters are bearing mixed fruits.
Albin could have been in there as Soldado clipped a ball forward into the box, but the Uruguayan's side was too short. Not quite the one-sided encounter this first promised to be.
Much better from Barca now as Jeffren and Xavi work the ball across the pitch, then hit it out to the roving right-back Puyol. No cross, but the Blaugrana (well, Naranja) are holding the ball well.
Ooh! Decent effort there from Pedro Leon, who drifted in from the left and hit a low, powerful shot to the far post, but Valdes smothered it without too much difficulty.
Pique gets a foot in at the last minute as Soldado threatens to waltz through the middle of the defence. Barca haven't been over the line for a while now as Pedro misplaces a pass.
This time Rafa tries his luck with a volley from inside the area after yet another set-piece down the right, but it's well wide. Victor Valdes fluffs the ensuing fgoal kick for a Geta throw-in and suddenly the pressure is on again! That Albin shot really has rattled the visitors.
Pedro Leon is battered by Keita out on the flank and it's a free-kick to Getafe ust over the halfway line. Taken short, then a long ball forward... OH! SO NEARLY A GOAL! Albin unleashed a beast of a volley from 18 yards, and it bounced off the underside of the crossbar, off the goal-line, and clear! Inches way from the opener for Getafe!
A decent start for Barca so far as they put the pressure on down the flanks, but Ustari's still largely untested. Geta are already looking devoid of ideas.
Valdes has to be quick off his line to prevent Soldado from getting on the end of a long ball forward, but Barca have really had the best of it so far. Jeffren, the 21-year-old winger, has been excellent thus far.
Another low cross from Jeffren but that one's too close to the 'keeper.
Jeffren gets a good cross in but there's nobody in the middle, and Ustari gathers with ease, this after Adrian lost the ball in midfield. Straight down the other end, Soldado unleashes a snapshot, albeit to no good effect as it flies far high and wide.
It's largely scrappy stuff right now as Ibra squanders possession on the edge of the area, and then Yaya Toure flattens supposed AC Milan target Juan Albin in the centre circle.
Abidal has to head clear as Geta break down the left and cross in, but it only comes out to the right... in comes Pedro Leon's cross to the near post - OH! Victor Valdes spills it towards the post, but recovers to gather it. Nervy stuff for the 'keeper.
Parejo gives it away, Jeffren strides down the right, and wins the free-kick off David Cortes. Miguel Torres, ex-Real Madrid, is on the bench for Geta, and waits to make his debut.
We're off! Geta in blue, Barca in their orange number.
Geta coach Michel has largely kept the same line-up as that which took the Azulones to the top of the table by thrashing Racing 4-1 in Santander last week. The team: Ustari; Cortes, Cata Diaz, Rafe, Mane; Pedro León, Celestini, Adrian, Parejo; Albin, Soldado.
Geta only narrowly lost this fixture last season, and even managed a draw at Camp Nou, so Pep Guardiola's decision to rotate his Blaugrana squad is a brave one. The line-up: Valdes, Chygrinskiy, Pique, Puyol, Abidal; Xavi, Yaya Toure, Keita; Pedro, Ibrahimovic, Jeffren.
Welcome to Goal.com's live coverage of Getafe versus Barcelona at the Coliseum Alfonso Perez in the suburbs of southern Madrid. These two clubs have an intriguing recent history, especially at this modest venue, and the stage is set for an exciting match.
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