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February 25, 2009 8:45 PM GMT
Stamford Bridge - London
Referee:‬ Olegário Benquerença (Portugal)‎
90′ +4
And there it is, the referee's whistle brings the first leg to an end, and Chelsea take away a hard fought 1-0 victory. Juve have only themselves to blame, as their disappointing opening 25 minutes resulted in Drogba grabbing the opener, which consequently proved to be the difference on the night. The two sides have it all to play for in a fortnight's time, when they will meet at the Stadio Olimpico in Turin. Thank you for joining me tonight, and I hope that you enjoyed Goal.com's live coverage throughout. Chelsea 1-0 Juventus. Adrian Del Monte..
90′ +3
Ohhhhhh!!!!!! NEDVED!!!!! So close late on!!! Legrottaglie's long ball up the pitch eventually spills to Nedved, who attacks the Chelsea defence and lets fly from just outside the area. The ball takes a deflection and misses the post only just, and that should be that for this match..
90′ +2
Here go Juventus through Amauri. One last chance to take something away from this first leg..
90′ +1
The fourth official has indicated that there will be three minutes of added time in the second half..
Yellow Card Claudio Marchisio
Marchisio picks up a yellow card for an interception with his hand.
Chelsea begin to slow down the tempo of the play as much as possible, as we approach the final minute of play.
TREZ!!! OHHH!! The substitute with a massive opportunity to reply at the other end, after he got on to a chip over the top by Del Piero. His first time volley was weak however, and no danger to Cech and Chelsea.
ANELKA!!!!! OHHHHH!!! What a strike from 30 yards!!!! No pressure on him, so he decided to test his luck, however it went just wide of the target..
Substitution Mohamed Lamine Sissoko David Trezeguet
Ranieri makes an attacking change, as he brings on the legendary David Trezeguet for Sissoko.
Five minutes remain at the Bridge, as Buffon restarts the play for the Bianconeri..
The Italians seem to be very tense, as we approach the end of this match. They also seem to have lost their free flowing nature, as the Blues start to maintain the possession.
Yellow Card Mohamed Lamine Sissoko
Drogba wants a penalty..again! After Chiellini uses his body magnificently well to nudge the Ivorian off the ball in the area..
Malouda kicks off another Chelsea attacking movement, however it is brough to an end by Sissoko, who picks up a yellow card for his troubles.
Substitution Michael Ballack Michael Mancienne
Hiddink bring Mancienne on to make his home debut for the club. Ballack is the man to come from the field..
10 minutes remain in London. Can Juventus get themselves back into it, or will there attacking nature mean that Chelsea will extend their advantage.. Time will tell, as the Blues prepare to make another switch..
Del Piero with a free kick from long range, similar to where he scored against Zenit earlier in the competition. He decides to chip it into the area this time, however nothing comes from it.
Yet another corner for Juve. But again Chelsea clear. The Bianconeri have all of their players in their attacking third, as they are clearly going all out for a result.
Statistic (Shots): Chelsea 13. Juventus 15. *It was 7-0 in favour of Chelsea earlier in the match..
Marchisio tests his luck this time, however his left footed effort from 25 yards is wide of the post and off target.
Marchionni gives up the ball yet again, to continue his disappointing performance thus far. He is going to need to lift if his side are going to take a result away tonight..
Another corner to Juve, but this time Marchionni's ball is mishit, as Chelsea immediately clear. The ball is played forward to Malouda, and the substitute has a chance to create something ahead. He doesn't however, as Juve get their numbers back quickly.
Corner to Juventus. Taken by Nedved, but the cross is deep, and no one is there to head home the equaliser.
Substitution Salomon Kalou Florent Malouda
Hiddink makes his first change of the night, as Malouda comes on to replace Kalou.
Kalou sends a dangerous ball low into the area, but Legrottaglie does well to intercept and clear.
20 minutes remaining, as the Italians continue to push forward. They certainly are looking the more likely to score at this stage, as Amauri's header is saved by Cech with ease.
Lampard dispossesses Marchionni in his attacking third, but the Italian is quick to react and pressure the Blues vice-captain.
Marchionni crosses in to the area, but his ball is off target, and Juve fail to make the most of an attractive opportunity to score.
Kalou has a lapse in concentration for the second time in a minute, as he is called for offside for the second time in a minute.
Mikel launches a counter attack for the Blues, and he plays it wide to Lampard, although the ball is poor. Thankfully for Juve they manage to clear it for a throw-in..
Ballack challenges Sissoko from behind, and the German captain is going to have to be careful, as he is on a yellow card..
The intensity is beginning to drop, as it did at this stage of the first half.
Marchisio comes on to replace Tiago, who certainly held his own tonight..
Substitution Tiago Claudio Marchisio
Ohhhhh!! The substitute Marchionni test his luck from just outside the area with a stinging left foot drive. That was close to the top left corner.
Tiago and Chiellini collide in mid air, and the former is down and in some pain. He comes from the field to receive some treatment.
An hour gone in London, and still Chelsea hold on to their tender lead. At this stage it could definitely go either way..
Del Piero wins a free kick for Juve, and sends a long cross into the area. Cech comes to meet it, however he fumbles it, and almost concedes a goal.
Yellow Card Michael Ballack
Ballack picks up a booking for a dreadful sliding challenge on Nedved. Chelsea's first of the night.
Sissoko denies Kalou of crossing the ball, with a great challenge to put it out for a corner.
Del Piero launches a counter attack for Juve, but Bosingwa does extremely well to get back and deny the skipper.
10 minute gone in the second half, as both sides are looking good in the early stages. Both are a little shaky at the back, but the same cannot be said up front, where the respective attackers are looking sharp.
Drogba is furios with the referee's decision not to award him a penalty, after Chiellini made slight contact with him in the area. Correct decision.
Great work by Alex to cause some problems in attack for his opponents. He manages to play Lampard through on goal, by Legrottaglie gets back to save the day..
Yellow Card Cristian Molinaro
Molinaro picks up a yellow for a tough challenge on Mikel, whilst Marchionni comes on to replace the injured Camoranesi.
Substitution Mauro Camoranesi Marco Marchionni
Camoranesi looks to have picked up a hamstring injury, and he will need to be replaced..
Chelsea press forward in numbers, and Bosingwa eventually crosses it in toward Drogba. Ohhhh!!! What power on the header. Off target though, and Buffon will resume the play with a goal kick.
Bright start by Juve in the second half, as they continue to maintain the possession in the early stages..
Del Piero played though, and he tests his luck from just inside the area, but Alex's touch mean that a corner kick is the result.
Ballack with a speculative effort from long range, although it's well wide of the target..
Chelsea get the second half underway..
45′ +2
The referee blows his whistle to bring the first 45 minutes to an end. It certainly was an entertaining half, as Chelsea grabbed an early goal through Drogba, however since then the sides have been evenly matched, making the second half all the more interesting. Join me back in around 15 minutes for the second half from Stamford Bridge..
45′ +1
There will be one added minute of play in the first half...
Del Piero opts to shoot, however it hits the wall, and unfortunately for his sake, the Juve number 10 is unable to add to his Champions League tally.
Drogba handles the ball just outside the area, and it's in a great position to either shoot or cross.
Statistic (Shots): Chelsea 9. Juventus 7.
Camoranesi is down clutching his back, after a clip by Lampard.
Nedved's glorious chip finds Molinaro, however the left back fails to get power on the cross in to the area, allowing Chelsea to easily clear.
Kalou trying to eject some penetration on the right, and he does well to get a ball away, although it finds Buffon in goals. The keeper smashes the ball up the park, as Juve go in search of a late equaliser in the first half.
40 minutes played now, and just five remain. The sides are evenly balanced at this point in time, however Chelsea do have the crucial advantage.
Ashely Cole fouls Del Piero, who has undoubtedly been impressive when in possession of the ball thus far..
The play resumes, as Chelsea pick up from where they left off. They just cannot find a way through this time though, as Juve have all of their numbers back in defence.
Some water is applied to the foot, as the Mali international gets back to his feet, and hobbles off the field..
Sissoko is down, following a tough challenge by Terry. The medical staff have rushed on the pitch to come to his aid..
Chelsea launch a counter attack through Ballack and Drogba, after Del Piero was fouled by Alex, but no free kick was given..
The tempo and intensity of the Italians has certainly dropped off now. Having said this though, here they go through Amauri..
It's a good little period for Chelsea here, as they win another corner, and have a number of chances to add to their tally through Terry and Lampard.
Lampard takes another corner for the Blues. Drogba and Ballack all have a taste of the dangerous ball in, however the weight of numbers eventually win out, as Juve clear.
Buffon gives up the ball poorly, however thankfully for his sake his opponents fail to capitalize on his mistake, as Juve reclaim possession.
Half an hour played in London, and what a ten minute period it has been, as the Italians have got themselves into it, despite Chelsea's early dominance.
The home side win a free kick 35 yards from goal, but Lampard hits it straight into the wall.
Del Piero turns exceptionally well, and decides to test his luck from 25 yards out, although his left-footed effort is wide and well off target.
Camoranesi takes an attractive corner for the visitors, but Cech comes to the rescue to punch it clear.
Drogba and Lampard with two to contend with, but the Juve defence hold firm and win out. The game is certainly opening up now..
Here come Juventus again, as it is passed forward to Amauri. He cuts it back to Camoranesi, who tests his luck from just outside the area, and ohh!! Had that not been intercepted, Cech may have had a difficult time keeping that out..
AMAURI!! Ohhhh he should have done better there with a header from a Del Piero cross. The Brazilian-Italian got himself into a free position, and got his head on to it, although it was off target. Chiellini almost had the opportunity to follow it up, without any luck though.
Ohhh! Great save by Cech to deny Del Piero. Tiago managed to play the Bianconeri skipper through, and a brilliant shot across the face of goal was well dealt with by the Chelsea keeper.
Statistic (Possession): Chelsea 55%. Juventus 45%.
Juventus start to build possession for a brief moment, very brief though, as here go Chelsea again..
20 minutes played now, and the Blues are well and truly on top at this point..
Sissoko makes on a promising run forward, and takes the first shot for Juve tonight.. Nothing comes of it though..
Juve just cannot work themselves into this match, as they simply cannot maintain possession in their final third..
Statistic (Shots): Chelsea 7. Juventus 0.
Ohhh!! Drogba could so easily have made it 2-0 there! Lampard's corner is met by the Ivorian in the area, however he fails to make good contact with the ball, resulting in it missing the target.
Bosingwa continues to cause problems on the right, as he gets his team going once again. Ball spills to Anelka, who eventually wins a corner for the English club.
The Blues certainly had been pressing for that, and the crowd realize just how significant that early goal could be.
GOOOOOAAAALLLL!!!! DROGBA!!! Lampard's cross into the area is poor, and the ball eventually spills to Kalou, who slips it through to Drogba. He is played onside by the Juve defenders, as he coolly slips it past Buffon to make it 1-0.
Goal Didier Drogba
Molinaro nudges Bosingwa off the ball, and the Blues have a free kick in a dangerous crossing position.
Molinaro makes contact with Drogba from behind in the area, despite winning the header. Chelsea want a penalty, but they don't get it, as the referee calls for play to continue..
10 minutes gone at Stamford Bridge, and after a bright start by the visitors, the home side certainly are looking the more settled thus far..
Ohhhh!! Drogba almost opens the scoring for Chelsea, after he gets his head on to a wonderful cross in to the area by Bosingwa. Molinaro must be tighter on Bosingwa, otherwise the Portuguese star could be a danger to the Bianconeri over the course of the 90 minutes tonight..
Poor effort by Ballack! Had Drogba and Anelka in decent positions if he used them, however he opted to shoot himself, and the shot went well wide..
The home side try to slow down the play, by knocking it around at the back, however Juve are quick to pressure them, and eventually they lose the ball..
Ohh, Terry with half a chance to volley home from close range, but Legrottaglie does extremely well to intercept, clear, and save the day.
Kalou has Chelsea's first shot of the game, and it's well saved by Buffon, no danger there.
Amauri does brilliantly well to beat Mikel and get himself into a great crossing position. Nothing comes of it though. Good start by Juve.
Buffon takes his times to take his goal kick, as the sides slowly begin to adapt themselves to the match.
There's an electric atmosphere around Stamford Bridge tonight, and the tension is evident early..
Juventus get the play underway...
The teams are just getting ready to come out now, Terry and Del Piero at the head of the queue.
Good evening everyone and welcome to Stamford Bridge for this highly anticipated clash between Chelsea and Juventus. It’s the first leg of this heavyweight first knockout round tie, between two clubs that will be desperate to attain a result tonight. The Blues, under new manager Guus Hiddink, will be keen to resume their Champions League campaign on a positive note, by claiming an advantage heading into the second leg, whilst the Italian giants will be confident of continuing their good run of form in the competition this term. The players and officials are about to walk out onto the pitch, so the play should get underway in the next five minutes. Sit back, relax and enjoy Goal.com’s live coverage throughout this mouthwatering encounter…
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