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September 21, 2008 2:00 PM BST
Marco Pisano 24′ (OG)
Maicon 26′
90′ +3
And there it is, full time has been blown. A comprehensive victory for Inter, who despite being on the receiving end of a barrage of strikes in the closing stages, still manage to hold on for a well deserved 3-1 victory. It's Toro's first loss of the campaign, and they certainly should not be disappointed with their performance in any way, as they put the reigning champions to the test throughout the majority of the contest. The forward trident of Mancini, Adriano and Ibrahimovic worked wonders for Mourinho today, and the Portugese tactician will take alot away from their form today. He will have a few questions to answer in regards to his defence, however he will still be pleased with victory nonetheless. Thanks for joining me this afternoon, and I hope that you enjoyed Goal.com's live coverage from the Stadio Olimpico in Torino. Torino 1-3 Inter Milan. Adrian Del Monte..
90′ +2
Inter just teasing the Torino players now, as they play the ball around the field, with everyone getting a touch of the ball. Only seconds remain now..
90′ +1
Inter go forward through Balotelli on the right, however his ball in is poor, and easily cleared by Sereni there..
We're into the final minute now, and Torino seemed destined for their first league defeat of the season now, despite a glorious closing 10-15 minutes in this match..
Substitution Zlatan Ibrahimovic Julio Ricardo Cruz
Replays have just indicated that the Amoruso free kick taken a few moments ago, struck the hands of Inter players within the wall, which was positioned in the area. Thus, a huge lett off for the Nerazzurri..
Mourinho makes his third and fial change, as Cruz comes on for Ibrahimovic, who workes his way into the contest in the second half..
OHHHHH!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE SCENES IN TORINO!!!!! Abbruscato's header strikes the cross bar, from another glorious ball into the area from Samuel. And then the follow up shot taken by Bianchi, is well dealt with by Julio Cesar, as he puts it out for a corner.
Burdisso fouls Bianchi, just metres outside the area, and if this strike was to go in, it would make for a highly entertaining last few minutes to this contest..
Clumsy by Quaresma there to foul Di Loreto (the third Torino captain of the fay) in his attacking area. The two exchange a few facial gestures, and play continues..
Inter just slowing down the tempo of play here, as they put together several passes at the back, to keep Torino away from the ball. The home side are looking dangerous now, and the Nerazzurri are certainly aware of that..
Ten minutes remain in Torino, as the fans have come back to life! Samuel has the ball on the left, and he beats one, and directs a low and hard ball in towards Bianchi!!!! Ohhhhh what a tremendous header, and what a save by Julio Cesar to deny the home side..
Abbruscato makes a tremendous run on the right, but he has three Inter players to contend with. Due to a lack of support, he unfortunately loses possession. Great work..
Yellow Card Francesco Pratali
Pratali fouls Balotelli, and that is the fourth caution of this match. Free kick to Inter, and it's in a dangerous position too..
The Nerazzurri seem to just have taken their foot off the pedal ever so slightly here in Torino, as the home side are on the attack once again..
GOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!! 1-3 - TORINO PULL ONE BACK THROUGH ABBRUSCATO!!!! Lovely ball in by Samuel, and a sliding Abbruscato at the back post, does the rest!!! Well done Torino!!
Goal Elvis Abbruscato
Balotelli receives a yellow card for a clumsy challenge.. That wasn't necessary from the young Italian..
Yellow Card Mario Balotelli
Torino with some much needed possession in their attacking third, for the first time in a long time now. Some how they manage to break down this Inter wall of defenders, and the ball spills to Abbruscato!! Surely he can pull one back for the home side here. But ohhhh well done by Chivu to get back and clear teh danger, despite the score line. Great desperation shown by the Romanian there..
Ogbonna lets fly for Torino!! He hits it well, but Julio Cesar was up to the challenge. Good effort nonetheless..
Balotelli on the ball now, for the first time in this contest, and he wins a free kick immediately, thanks to a foul by Ogbonna.
Substitution Adriano Mario Balotelli
Balotelli seems to be warming up on the sidelines, indicating that the games of either Adriano or Ibrahimovic may be coming to an end. And yes, it's Adriano who is taken off in place of the young Italian striker. It was a great performance today from the giant Brazilian, and he will certainly take a lot of confidence from this performance..
Substitution Paolo Zanetti Angelo Ogbonna
De Biasi makes his third and final substitution, with Ogbonna coming on to replace Paolo Zanetti.
Quaresma trying to make his presence felt, having just come on, however he fails to win the corner he sort after, and it's a goal kick to Sereni.
Substitution Mancini Quaresma
Mourinho makes his first change of the match, as he brings on Quaresma in place of Mancini. Not a bad change to make at all..
Mancini with a few trademark stepovers, and noe he plays it to Adriano, who shoots!!! It's wide though, but a great effort nonetheless..
Wonderful work by Maicon and Ibrahimovic on the right, Maicon sets up a tremendous one-two movement between the two players. Maicon then makes his way into the area, and tries to cut it back to Mancini, but there were one too many red shirts in the way, and Torino clear..
We've reached the hour mark here in Torino, and Inter seem desperate to wreak more havoc in this contest. 3 does not seem to be enough for the Nerazzurri, as they are on the attack through Vieira once again.
Adriano!!!!!! Ohhhh what a build up by the forward trident of Mancini, Ibrahimovic and Adriano. A host of glorious passes end with Adriano, whose chipping attempt from just outisde the area is well saved by Sereni. Had that gone in, it would have been one of the great goals in recent times..
Great ball by Pisano in to the area, but as has been the case all day, the Inter defence are not letting anything through. Abbruscato is at fault for easily losing the ball this time.
Well in by Cambiasso to dispossess Di Loreto. Inter have the numbers now, but Cambiasso decides to play the ball back towards Adriano. The Brazlian sees something he likes ahead, and it's Mancini!! But Adriano's lovely chipping ball to Mancini, catches the winger narrowly offside, and that's the end of that for Inter.
Ten minutes gone in this, the second half, and Inter are in full control of every aspect of this contest now. It's all too easy for the Nerazzurri, with a 3 goal advantage to their name..
Maicon sends another dangerous ball from the right into the area, but the Torino defence clear through Pisano.
GOOOALLL GOOAAAALLLL!!! 3-0 TO INTER, AND THAT'S THREE POINTS IN THE BANK TO INTER!!! Mancini chips a glorious ball in the path of Ibrahimovic. He is onside, and through one on one with Sereni, and he so easily slots it past the Torino goal keeper with minimal fuss. 3-0 to Inter..
What a save by Julio Cesar!!!!!!! Diana sends a dangerous looking ball into the area, which clips the head of Cambiasso. The ball is deastined for the top right corner, by Cesar does exceptionally well to react quickly.
Goal Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Diana tests his luck from distance, and ohhhh! Is that a penalty?? The Torino players believe it is, as the ball seemed to strike the arm of Chivu. Replays show that it hit the Romanian's chest, and thus no penalty is awarded.
Sensational work by Adriano, to play the abll wide to Ibrahimovic. The Sweede has so much space to surge forward in, and he does exactly that. He gets himself into the area, and has Mancini and Adriano in the centre. Surely this will be three!! But no, Ibra shoots himself, and forces Sereni into making a save. Wrong option there by Zlatan.
Vieira trying to set the tone in the second half, however his challenge is a clumsy one on Diana, and that will be a free kick to Torino.
Toro on the attack immediately in the early stages, and it's through Pisano once again, who has been great today down the left hand side. He slips when crossing the ball in however, resulting in a weak ball, that's eventually cleared easily by the Nerazzurri..
Substitution Eugenio Corini Simone Barone
The home side get play under way in the second half. Barone is brought on for Torino at the break, to add some much needed experience and poise in the midfield. Corini is replaced, in what is a surprise, as he wasn't all that bad in the first half.
45′ +2
The referee blows his whistle to bring the first half to an end. It was an entertaining opening 45 minutes, with the visitors dominating for the large majority of the half. Goals from Mancini and Maicon is what seperates the two sides for now, and with another 45 minutes still to play in this one, expect more goal scoring in the second half. Rosina was forced to withdraw after 30 minutes through injury, making matters worse for Torino, however the facts are that the home side trail by two goals to nil heading into the half time interval. It's Torino 0-2 Inter Milan. Join me at the Olimpico once again, in around 15 minutes time..
45′ +1
There will be one minute of stoppage time in the first half..
It's been a frustrating first half for the home team, as we approach the final minute. Adriano with the ball, heading forward for Inter now..
Lovely looking ball forward by Corini, as he goes in search of Bianchi, but as has been the case all match, the quality of the service has not been great, making it tough for the Toro attackers to be dangerous.
Great challenge by Pratali to dispossess Ibra there. Ibrahimovic has tried hard all match, however he has just failed to get any results thus far.
5 minutes still to play in the opening forty-five minutes. Can Torino take anything away from this half?
Great long ball forward by Materazzi towards Mancini. What can the Brazilian winger do from here. Not much actually, as Diana makes the challenge, resulting in a throw in to Inter.
Clumsy challenge by Ibrahimovic, as he fouls Di Loreto at the back. Looks to be out of frustration, as the attacker is yet to fire tonight.
Ibrahimovic easily loses the ball, and it's Di Loreto who picks up the ball, and guide a long ball in towards Abbruscato!! Wonderful defending by Materazzi though, to get their first, and clear.
Good break here by Amoruso, who tries to create something on his way forward. He plays it to Corini, but with number back, the Nerazzurri easily clear the danger..
Ten minutes remain in the opening half, as Materazzi and Burdisso, the two centre-backs for Inter, play it to each other a few times..
Corini sends a lovely chipping ball into the area, in towards Bianchi. This looks good for Toro, but Bianchi is rightfully adjudged to be offside.
Vieira fouls Amoruso some 30 yards from goal, and it's a free kick to Toro in a scoring position. Corini stands over the free kick, and with Torino in need of a boost, he may be the man to provide exactly that.
What a counter attack by Inter. Adriano plays a super ball towards Mancini, who is taken down in the area by Pisano, but the referee calls for play to continue, despite the Inter claims for a penalty. That was the correct call by the referee.
Rosina is forced to come from the field through injury. A massive blow for the Granata. Abbruscato comes on in his place..
Substitution Alessandro Rosina Elvis Abbruscato
A free kick is awarded to Inter, 35 yards from goal. Up steps Adriano to take the free kick, and he strikes!!!! Ohhh it's wlel over the bar, but he can have a laugh, as his side are in a commanding position now..
Yellow Card Marco Pisano
Pisano receives a booking for a clash on Maicon, who is down, and may require some treatment..
GOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!!! WHAT A GOAL, AND IT'S 2 TO INTER!!!!!! STUNNING STRIKE FROM MAICON!!!!! A great build-up by the Nerazzurri, ends up with Maicon on the right hand side, and what an unbelievable strike at goal that was. It nipped in off the cross bar, and sailed in to the top left corner, giving Sereni no chance whatsoever. It's near impossible for Torino now, as Inter have doubled their advantage. 2-0 to Inter..
Goal Maicon
GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!! 1-0 TO INTER!!!!! AND WHAT A GOAL BY MANCINI!!!!! Adriano plays a tremendous ball wide to Mancini, who on the most acute of angles, slots the ball past Sereni. Replays show that the ball struck the boot of Pisano, thus the reason he managed to score from such an angle. Nonetheless, it's 1-0 to Inter!
Own Goal Marco Pisano
Ohhhh, that is dreadful defending by Pratali that almost cost his side a goal. Maicon's cross comes in, a ball that is completely miscued by Pratali. The ball spills out the back to a surprised Mancini!!! Surely it's 1-0! But no, he wasn't expecting that.
Pisano strikes from around 30 yards!!! It's a wicked effort, that sails well wide of the target. Quick thinking by the defender though, who may have caught Julio Cesar napping there.
Superb by Rosina, as he had three Inter defenders snapping at his heels, but despite this, he manages to win a throw-in in a dangerous position for his side.
Yellow Card Paolo Zanetti
Lovely turn by Adriano, but its another foul that halts an attacking Inter movement. This time it's Paolo Zanetti who is responsible for giving away the free kick, and he receives a yellow card for his troubles.
Great work from Vieira to try and make his way past two opposing players. He evenually gets cut down by Amoruso, and wins a free kick as a result..
Despite heavy pressure from Ibrahimovic, Pisano coolly clears towards Corini. Great start by the centre half, who's working hard at both ends of the field.
Another Inter attacking play breaks down, and it seems as if communication is lacking in the final third of the Nerazzurri, as that is the thirs or fourth time, whereby a promising attacking play has come to nothing for the visitors..
Bianchi!!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!! What an opportunity there for the former Manchester City man!!! A wonderful comes in from Pisano on the left, and met by the head of Bianchi, but sent inches wide of the target. 0-0 it remains..
Adriano has support on the left in the form of Chivu. Chivu sends a curling ball into the area, as he goes in search for the man who played it to him. Adriano fails to win the header, but the defensive clearance spills to Ibrahimovic!!! Ohhhh, if only he had got some more power on that left-footed attempt, Inter may have taken the advantage.
Materazzi plays it to Chivu, who has just returned from injury. The Nerazzurri continue to knock the ball around their defence, just to halt the momentum of their opponents.
Ohhhhh, great effort by Rosina!!!!! Decent sixty seconds for Torino here, as Rosina beats Zanetti, and attempts to curl a left-footed strike in to the top left corner. It's a glorious stirke, that just doesn't curl enough. Promising signs for Toro..
Torino find themselves on a counter attack, as the ball spills to Amoruso. The recent summer signing has time, and he has space, as Vieira is slow to close him down. He strikes from 30 yards!! Ohh that's a poor effort, and he should have done better there.
Ohh that was careless at the back by Pratali, and that's a wonderful move by Vieira to step in there. His ball though is intercepted, and cleared successfully by the Torino defence.
The visitors are certainly in control in the opening stages, with the home side failing to string together more than two or three passes so far..
Cambiasso controlling the midfield as he so often does. Directs play forward, as he chips a neat ball towards Ibrahimovic. Zlatan has a poor first touch though, and loses it easily..
Diana on the right for Torino, looking for options inside the area. He has two defenders to contend with, but somehow manages to get a ball away. It's poor however, and is easily collected by Julio Cesar.
Better ball this time by Materazzi to Mancini. The Brazilian winger flicks it wonderfully to his captain, Javier Zanetti, but Torino work hard in attack to regain possession of that ball.
Maicon for Inter, one of four Brazilians in the starting eleven for the Nerazzurri today. He plays it acorss to Materazzi, as he goes in search of Adriano up front, but that's a poor ball from Matrix there, and it's a goal kick to Torino.
Jose Mourinho's side get play under way at the Olimpico in Torino..
Good afternoon everyone, and welcome to Goal.com’s live coverage of the match between Torino and Inter Milan. This match is brought to you live from Torino, as two undefeated sides square off at the Stadio Olimpico. The home side have made some key signings over the summer, with Bianchi and Amoruso heading the list, and will certainly be looking to build on their positive start today against the reigning champions. Meanwhile, following a shaky start to the season, in which they drew 1-1 with Sampdoria, the Nerazzurri have bounced back well more recently, with victories against Catania last weekend 2-1, and a 2-0 victory against Panathinaikos in the Champions League. There’s less than 5 minutes remaining until kick-off, so stay tuned, and enjoy Goal.com’s live coverage over the next 90 minutes…
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