August 2, 2013 3:30 AM BST
University of Phoenix Stadium, Phoenix, AZ
That's it from me, Keeghann Sinanan, it's been a pleasure!
In the end, comfortable stuff for Carlo Ancelotti's men, who were simply to fast, too skilful and too good for the MLS outfit. Angel Di Maria, and a Karim Benzema double did the business for Madrid, but Villarreal's effort for Galaxy was a sight to behold. 3-1 the final score.
A fan is quickly stopped from sneaking onto the field as the match is brought to a close.
Morata called on a narrow offside after a clever one-time ball from Benzema. Meanwhile, Nacho gives away a free kick, which may well be the last play of the game.
So It looks like Real Madrid to take on Everton in the next round, while LA Galaxy will lock horns with Juventus, as the Guinness Cup rolls on.
Di Maria seemed almost TOO happy to run onto Benzema's through ball. It seemed like he got caught between trying to run around and dummy the keeper, and ends up doing neither. Could have easily been 4!
A stop-start run from a Galaxy forward almost leads to a shooting chance, but the Madrid defence just manages to snuff out the ball at the last.
There's been one or two dangerous LA deliveries in the second half, but Pepe and the other central defensive shift have been imperious in the air.
Yellow Card Morata
Morata is our first booking of the game, a bit of carelessness late on.
Substitution Diego López Rodríguez Jesús Fernández
Changes abound for both sides. Apparently, in this tournament, the number of substitutions does not matter, but each team has only three intervals to make changes. LA coach Bruce Arena, in the spirit of things, has allowed his opposite number Ancelotti to make a fourth round of substitutions.
Goal Karim Benzema
Di Maria turns on the NOS on the left flank and whips in a devilish cross in towards the six yard box to find the Frenchman, who heads confidently into the back of the net!
Substitution Todd Dunivant Greg Cochrane
Substitution Sean Franklin Oscar Sorto
Substitution Luka Modric Sami Khedira
And it's Isco with the free-kick...right into the keeper's arms.
Dangerous free-kick for Madrid. No Ronaldo anymore, but Di Maria and Isco have eyes on it...
Okay, I definitely want to hear from our readers on that wonder-strike! Hit me up on Twitter @keeghann!. Meanwhile, LA have not quite been able to match the momentum created by Villarreal getting them off the mark.
My goodness, I'm still not over that goal. Robbie Keane was in the middle of a sideline interview when it was scored, and without missing a beat, the reporter asked him to call the replay. And the Irishman was left virtually speechless.
Goal Jose Villarreal
VILLARREAL! VILLARREAL!!! He shows the Madrid stars up in some style! Collecting the ball from 30 yards, he drives past two players before planting an unstoppable rocket into the far top corner! Magnificent!
The crowd starting to get back into the game, and Galaxy's play has picked up as a result.
ISCO, what a player! He dinks left and right, leaving three players on their backsides, but the keeper is equal to his shot from just inside the box!
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And it's Madrid's game to lose as well, it looks like, as LA are lacking any kind of impetus up front.
Madrid have creative midfielders coming out of every orifice, but up front, unless Gareth Bale hops on board and Ronaldo shifts centrally, the No.9 role is pretty much Benzema's to lose. And that goal was a superb display of what he's all about, taking down the pass beautifully and keeping his head to finish.
Goal Karim Benzema
BENZEMA MAKES IT 2-0! But it's Isco again with another peach of a diagonal ball from deep to pick out the Frenchman, who makes no mistake with a cool finish.
LA with a smidgen of sustained pressure in the Madrid half. It was clear for about a minute that the end result of that move would be a cross in from the right, and when it does arrive, it is very disappointing.
Substitution C. Ronaldo Karim Benzema
Poor Kaka just doesn't look right out there. He really looks unsure of his role on the field. You would have to think that if Ancelotti cannot get him back to something approaching his old self, then it really is curtains for him at the very top level.
Substitution Pepe Nacho Fernández
Substitution Marcelo Sarvas Pablo Mastroeni
Substitution Hector Jimenez Rafa García
Substitution Leonardo Robbie Rogers
Substitution Juninho Kofi Opare
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1-0 thanks to Di Maria after a quarter of an hour, and it's been smooth sailing for los Blancos so far. LA have barely had a sniff on goal, and have a lot on their plate to turn this one around. Stay tuned for the second half in just a bit.
45′ +1
And that's it for the first half.
For one second it was all set up for Di Maria. Isco played into Ronaldo at the top of the box, and the Argentine was waiting on the right for the through pass to bend in with his left foot. But Ronaldo rather stabs at the ball, and it reaches Di Maria too late.
Some concern for Modric, who clearly comes across worse in a challenge with Zardes. Stomach injury? Aim a little lower and you will understand the Croatian's pain.
Isco just misses the far post with a fizzing attempt from the top of the box after Modric played him into a great shooting position. Isco...more like Isclose! Wow, that was terrible, even by my corny standards.
Madrid break with purpose once again, and once again, its Ronaldo found in space on the left. He's simply too quick for his marker, and takes aim with some measure against Rowe. But it looks like he held circle for too long, as the shot flies over the bar.
Franklin has time and space to pick out a ball into the box, but chooses the safe option of Juninho, whose delivery is nearly met with some force by Sarvas.
Carvajal seems to be firing more or less on all cylinders again out on the right flank.
Sarvas takes aim from a decent way out, but a Madrid body diverts his effort off target.
Ronaldo gets the juices flowing in the stands with a delightful little clip to get the ball in his hands for a throw win. Not long after, Kaka slides the ball right out of play. Alpha Male.
Carvajal is sporting a very...flowing blooded nose after a collision with a defender. He makes his way to the sidelines to get it looked at. Oomph.
...wasted. The ball is bent by Juninho's right boot into the side netting. More than one frustrated face in the Galaxy ranks.
LA win a dangerous free kick on the corner of the Madrid box, which Villarreal and Juninho are taking a real interest in...
LA have just about managed to compose themselves, and win a corner in the opposition half, but cannot make it count for anything.
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LA giveaway, Ronaldo shot, and Rowe relief as the ball whistles past the far post. The MLS side need to close their ranks, Madrid are poking holes at will.
The amount of space available on the flanks for Madrid is glaringly obvious. Ronaldo, Di Maria and Co. are set to have a field day.
Goal Ángel Di María
A well worked but embarrassingly simple goal for Madrid. Isco with a long-range clip over the top, which Ronaldo kills deftly with a touch to rool into the path of Di Maria. The Galaxy defence is helter skelter - both centre backs chased Ronaldo, leaving Di Maria with all the time he needed to bundle over the line.
The pitch here at the University of Phoenix Stadium seems to sprawl endlessly - if you're a Galaxy defender. Delagarza has his hand well and truly foot with CR7 out on the left...there is a LOT of space for the Portuguese to run into.
VILLARREAL takes a page right out of the memoir of the 'How to play like Luiz Suarez' book - shimmying expertly past three defenders on the byeline, before being narrowly denied by Lopez at the near post. Like watching a ballerina on a tightrope!
Pepe nearly beats Diego Lopez with an unintentional back-header, but thankfully for Ancelotti's men, it trickles over the bar after good work by Jimenez to force the danger.
Cheryshev rakes an effort in from all of 30 yards, but Rowe is more than equal to it. Smothered.
RONALDOOOOOOOOOO....HITS THE BAR!!! The Portuguese star hangs in the air to get his head on a cross from the right, and with the keeper helpless, crashes the ball off the frame of the goal!
Loud screams greet Ronaldo whenever he gets on the ball. He dances around his marker and fizzes in a ball across the six yard area, but no one is anywhere near it.
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Fans here in the desert are accustomed to roaring on the NFL's Arizona Cardinals, but tonight, its a different kind of football altogeter. The Galaxy are in many ways the Galacticos of the MLS, and they are about to kick off against the team that made that term ubiquitous.
Finally, the teams emerge on the field to a rapturous reception from the fans. Gareth bale may or may not be imminent, but for now, all eyes remain fixed on Cristiano Ronaldo, who leads his squad onto the field.
Kickoff has been pushed to 10:40 EDT, we should be underway within minutes folks.
Tonights winners will face off against Roberto Martinez' Everton side, while the losers will have to fare with the consolation prize of Antonio Conte's Juventus.
Real Madrid: Lopez; Carvajal, Pepe, Mateos, Cheryshev; Modric; Di Maria, Ozil, Isco, Kaka, Ronaldo.
LA Galaxy: Rowe; Franklin, DeLaGarza, Leonardo, Dunivant; Jimenez, Juninho, Sarvas, Zardes; Villarreal, McBean.
First, our teams...
Tonight, we're in Phoenix, Arizona for the fourth match of the International Champions Cup between Real Madrid and the LA Galaxy. Welcome from me, Keeghann Sinanan, to Goal's live play-by-play.
Top Scorers
Player   Goals Penalties
C. Ronaldo C. Ronaldo
Real Madrid
3 0
Arturo Vidal Arturo Vidal
2 2
Kevin Mirallas Kevin Mirallas
2 1
Alessandro Matri Alessandro Matri
2 1
Kwadwo Asamoah Kwadwo Asamoah
2 1