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AC Milan v Juventus LIVE!
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Hosted by KS Leong & Kris Voakes

22:30 GMT


That brings us to the end of the LIVE coverage of the game. Well done to those who predicted a 1-1 final score between AC Milan and Juventus. Stay tuned to Goal.com for more post-match reactions and quotes. Hope you all enjoyed the game and our coverage. Until next time... Arrivederci!

22:28 GMT


The Milan coach is convinced that Muntari's goal, had it been given, would have changed the game.

Masimiliano Allegri: I wasn't upset, but Muntari's disallowed goal affected the game

22:25 GMT


22:20 GMT


More fan reaction on Twitter...

Tenace ‏
@kwakutii: "chiellini was a marauding beast in attack and steel wall in defense!! FORZA JUVE"

Christopher Bruce ‏ @ChristopherBru6: "Muntari goal was a match winner"

Loly ‏ @Lolydun: "Now its a race for the scudetto"

22:10 GMT


Milan 1-1 Juventus: Player Ratings

22:07 GMT


Here are Goal.com's pick for Top and Flop.

TOP: Giorgio Chiellini (Juventus)
FLOP: Alexandre Pato (Milan)

Full Player Ratings coming up soon ...

22:04 GMT


Here's a quick analysis from Goal.com International Italy Football Editor Kris Voakes:

"It was everything we thought it would be. Tight, tense, controversial, and hard-fought. Milan will be left wondering what might have been had Muntari's goal been given and Juve had faced a two-goal deficit for only the second time this season, but Antonio Conte eventually pulled things around by making the changes he perhaps should have made pre-match. All in all, we got just about a fair result, and it's still game on for the title."

22:02 GMT


omar alabdullah ‏ @OmarAb96: "I think Juventus deserved to tie.... Matri's disallowed goal cancelled Muntari's no harm done"

Stephen Johnson ‏ @stevechrisjohn: "The crucial top of the table clash between Milan and Juventus demonstrates why Fifa needs to implement #goaline technology. Fifa needs to implement #Goalline technology! Milan could have won 2-1!"

22:01 GMT


In other news, Lyon and PSG drew 4-4, with Carlo Ancelotti's side scoring the equaliser four minutes into injury time.

21:59 GMT


Here are a few picks for Man of the Match.

TEE Underscore MAGMA ‏ @TEE_MAGMA Matri

Theo ‏ @DownTownTee: One Word = MATRI!!!

Frans Handoko ‏ @FransHandoko: Matri !

Ebrahim Al Mehza
‏ @EbrahimAlMehza: man of the match, Chiellini or Pirlo.

Anas أنس ‏ @PrinceMilAniStA: robinho, no doubt about it

Mohab Al Sharif ‏ @Mohaboo: Nocerino

Banderas ‏ @omorboy: man of the match without doubt is CHIELINI

And a few votes for the linesman/referee.

21:53 GMT


A few reaction on Twitter regarding the game.

Bauss ‏ @teflonbauss: "even though I'm hard done by the disallowed muntari goal; I think it's a fair result given that Milan stepped off the gas"

Jad A. ‏ @JadoVox: "Chiellini played a fantastic game.. But all in all Milan deserved the victory. The first half was an absolute tragedy for Juve"

Marko Weber ‏ @WeberMarko: "a good game, but it was probably better for #Juve if they started with 4-3-3 instead of 3-5-2 ... the ref was awful.."

21:50 GMT


Quick-fire quotes from Matri after the game, to Sky Sports:

"My disallowed goal? It nullifies Milan's [Muntari's] disallowed goal."

21:47 GMT


Milan 1-1 Juventus: Match report

21:45 GMT


Who's your pick for Top of the Match? Who's your Flop of the Match? Stay tuned right here for the full match report, player ratings, as well players and coaches' reactions and all your tweets and thoughts about the game.

21:41 GMT


Final update from Goal.com Italia's Sergio Stanco in San Siro:

"There will be many discussions about this match, but with this result everything is still to play for and this is a beautiful thing for Italian football. What won't be so nice is the polemics about the referee's decision. At the end, probably Milan show that in general they have better players than Juventus (and there were many more injured) but Juve have again shown their 'garra' which never end or die. And also that is Italian football history."

21:39 GMT



AC Milan 1-1 Juventus
(15' Nocerino - Matri 83')

After four minutes of injury time, the ref calls an end to the contest.

It's as you were at the top of the table as the spoils are shared in San Siro. But there will be plenty of talking points. Muntari's header not given, Matri's goal disallowed for offside, Vidal's sending off.

21:35 GMT



Arturo Vidal (Juventus)

RED FOR VIDAL! The midfielder tops off a very poor red with a straight sending off! He lost the ball cheaply and put in an awful challenge to win it back against Van Bommel, catching the midfielder in the shins. Tagliavento doesn't hesitate for a second and Juve are down to 10 men!

From Sergio Stanco in San Siro:

"Vidal before leaving the pitch made the gesture to milans fans to shut up"

21:33 GMT


Juventus looking likely to extend their unbeaten start to the season now to 24 league games. But who holds the record undefeated streak in Serie A?

Raggi al Hammouri ‏ @alHammouriRaggi says ac milan, 58 games.

AC Milan is right, but it's 54 games from May 1991 to March 1993.

21:28 GMT



Milan 1-1 Juventus

            (83' - Matri)

GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLL MATRI! Milan turn off at the back and Juventus equalize from almost nothing! A rare mistake from Thiago Silva lets Juventus keep possession in the box. Pepe whips a cross into the box and Matri holds off the challenge of the centre-backs to half volley it into the net! 1-1 now at the San Siro!!!

21:24 GMT


Panic stations as Matri finds the back of the net for Juventus!! But the goal is disallowed for offside!

Matri has the ball in the back of the net but the flag is up for offside and it won't count. It seems as if Matri was just onside but Vucinic was off, though not interfering with play. Another controversial decision this match!