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Bartomeu's first press conference - LIVE!
Hosted by Ben Hayward

Less than 24 hours after Sandro Rosell's resignation, new Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu addresses the media for the first time in his new role and Goal will be bringing you all the best quotes.

19:24 GMT


A positive start by Bartomeu, with many financial elements of the Neymar deal explained.

However, the big question remains: Why was this not done sooner?

All the talk of the confidentiality agreement is well and good, but surely Barca could have pushed to release that information and potentially save Rosell's job.

In any case, a new start - and a smooth one - for the Catalan club. And now it's back to the football...

Thanks for joining us and see you on here or on Twitter (@bghayward) to talk some more Spanish football over the weekend.

19:20 GMT


The press conference finally finishes.

"Thank you very much," says Bartomeu. "I'm sorry we were late and next time we will try and be earlier."

19:15 GMT


Asked if he will get in touch with Johan Cruyff, Bartomeu says he would like to speak to the former Barca player and coach.

"Cruyff is a legend at this club. I would like to call him, and I will. Or we'll invite him to a game and speak to him then."

19:10 GMT


"Releasing the figures could be bad for Barca because there is a certain element of strategy," says Bartomeu.

And asked why they didn't Jordi Cases aside and explain the deal, he repeats that it was impossible due to the confidentiality agreement.

19:05 GMT


"We want to respect Rosell's decision. It has been a difficult time for him too and we are sorry for everything that has happened. But who is to say that we won't turn to him for advice in future? His advice could be invaluable to us."

19:02 GMT


"Rosell was enjoying himself until up to the last few days. Who wouldn't enjoy themselves with this team and this club? But I saw him really suffering over these last few days..."

19:00 GMT


"Neymar was an agreement between us, Santos and the Santos family," says Bartomeu about the Brazilian's signing, claiming there were no more agents or anyone else involved.

The Barca president also adds: "Without Sandro Rosell, Neymar may not have ended up at the club."

18:52 GMT


"I'm convinced that Victor Valdes is the best goalkeeper in the world and he will be very difficult to replace. He will deserve a very special recognition, but I think his mind is made up to leave."

18:48 GMT


"Marrtino is a great coach and we are working together for the future."

18:45 GMT


"If anyone from within the club has leaked any information in the Neymar case, heads will roll," Bartomeu says.

He also adds that he had no doubts about coming president. "How can you doubt about being about being president of Barcelona? This is the greatest club in the world and this is my club. You only get an opportunity like this once in a lifetime."

18:40 GMT


Asked about Adidal and if that was one of his mistakes...

"I have great esteem for Abidal and when he hangs up his boots, he will come back here."

Bartomeu also admits that when he said that Abidal would receive a new contract when he returned to action (following his illness), what he meant to say was that the defender's deal would be reactivated.

Also pologises for not expressing himself correctly and says the decision to let Abidal leave was "a professional choice made by the club..."

18:35 GMT


"Lionel Messi is the best player in the world and he deserves to be the world's best-paid player," says Bartomeu.

18:33 GMT


Bartomeu: "Rosell will go down as one of the best presidents in Barcelona's history."

18:30 GMT


How is it possible, Bartomeu is asked, that one socio can bring down the president of Barcelona?

"He wasn't brought down by one member," the new chief explains. "This issue was only one of the reasons for his resignation. He explained the others and I won't go into details - they were personal reasons."

18:25 GMT


Bartomeu is asked if he will call elections in 2015 to reaffirm his position...

"No," he replies. "I see no need to do that, We have been doing things well and there is no need to reaffirm our position. We won't be calling elections in 2015."

18:21 GMT


Tough questions for Bartomeu:

"I have heard all you have said and I still can't figure out how much he cost..." says one journalist, while another asks: "Do you think this will help your credibility?"

Bartomeu says he thinks it will and claims he has nothing against Jordi Cases. Also explains that he would raise his hand as a socio in future if he thought the president was doing something wrong.

18:15 GMT


On Rosell, Bartomeu says: A very good friend of mine has resigned. A great president has resigned and we will try our hardest to continue his good work."

And he also adds: "We [the board members] tried as hard as we possibly could to persuade him to stay - we wanted him to stay with us but his mind was made up."

18:13 GMT


Bartomeu says Neymar's father got in touch and offered to forego the confidentiality agreement because he could see the club were in a sticky situation.

"We haven't put any pressure on Neymar's father - he called us today and told us that we could disclose the details of the contract."

18:10 GMT


Bartomeu defends Rosell and remembers he received the largest election vote in history.

"We did some very good things," he says. "We also made some mistakes but I think on the whole we did things very well. We reduced the debt and that is something we will continue with."

And he adds: "I think the members have enjoyed the freshness of this board and we have a great team and a great coach in 'Tata' Martino, so things are looking bright as we move forward."

18:05 GMT


First question:

Why wasn't this information revealed before Rosell's resignation?

Bartomeu replies: "The permission to release this data was only given to us by Neymar's father in the last few hours." And he adds: "Rosell revealed his reason for resigning. This was just one of the reasons and he explained himself yesterday."

On the subject of the lawsuit against Rosell, he says: "We have brought Neymar to the club with complete legality. The socio can do as he pleases and if he continues to pursue his lawsuit, we have no intention of resigning. Our intention is to continue until 2016."