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Rubin Kazan - Atletico Madrid
Match Winner. - Bet on the team you think will win the game after normal time (90 mins + injury time). Simply back the home team, away team or the draw.
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Rubin Kazan2.752.752.7051.002.75351.002.7570.008.70
Atletico Madrid2.502.502.601.072.631.052.601.014.40
Correct Score - Bet on the score at the end of normal time (90 mins + injury time)
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Rubin Kazan 0-0 Atletico Madrid8.00--7.758.508.509.
Rubin Kazan 0-1 Atletico Madrid7.00--7.757.508.007.507.007.007.50
Rubin Kazan 0-2 Atletico Madrid12.50--11.5012.0010.0011.007.5012.0012.00
Rubin Kazan 0-3 Atletico Madrid24.00--26.0026.0023.0023.0026.0030.0029.00
Rubin Kazan 0-4 Atletico Madrid60.00--81.0067.0071.0051.0085.00100.0091.00
Rubin Kazan 0-5 Atletico Madrid190.00----201.00276.00151.00130.00300.00--
Rubin Kazan 0-6 Atletico Madrid500.00----501.00501.00501.00--400.00--
Rubin Kazan 1-0 Atletico Madrid7.75--
Rubin Kazan 1-1 Atletico Madrid6.00--5.756.506.506.006.505.506.50
Rubin Kazan 1-2 Atletico Madrid10.00--9.7510.0010.0010.008.509.009.50
Rubin Kazan 1-3 Atletico Madrid20.00--21.0023.0018.0021.0022.0022.0026.00
Rubin Kazan 1-4 Atletico Madrid60.00--67.0067.0056.0051.0085.0070.0068.00
Rubin Kazan 1-5 Atletico Madrid170.00----201.00201.00126.00100.00300.00--
Rubin Kazan 1-6 Atletico Madrid450.00----501.00501.00501.00--400.00--
Rubin Kazan 2-0 Atletico Madrid14.00--12.5013.0012.0012.007.5014.0013.00
Rubin Kazan 2-1 Atletico Madrid10.50--10.0011.0010.0010.009.0010.009.50
Rubin Kazan 2-2 Atletico Madrid16.00--14.0017.0015.0015.0010.0014.0018.00
Rubin Kazan 2-3 Atletico Madrid32.00--31.0041.0031.0034.0022.0035.0029.00
Rubin Kazan 2-4 Atletico Madrid90.00--101.0081.0071.0067.0060.00120.0068.00
Rubin Kazan 2-5 Atletico Madrid250.00----251.00276.00201.00130.00300.00--
Rubin Kazan 2-6 Atletico Madrid500.00----501.00--501.00--500.00--
Rubin Kazan 3-0 Atletico Madrid26.00--26.0029.0026.0029.0026.0040.0029.00
Rubin Kazan 3-1 Atletico Madrid24.00--23.0026.0021.0023.0026.0025.0026.00
Rubin Kazan 3-2 Atletico Madrid34.00--34.0041.0031.0034.0022.0035.0029.00
Rubin Kazan 3-3 Atletico Madrid70.00--67.0067.0067.0051.0040.0070.0081.00
Rubin Kazan 3-4 Atletico Madrid180.00--151.00126.00176.00151.00100.00250.00101.00
Rubin Kazan 3-5 Atletico Madrid425.00------426.00501.00170.00----
Rubin Kazan 4-0 Atletico Madrid70.00--101.0081.0081.0051.0085.00150.00101.00
Rubin Kazan 4-1 Atletico Madrid60.00--67.0051.0067.0051.0085.0090.0081.00
Rubin Kazan 4-2 Atletico Madrid90.00--101.00101.0091.0081.0085.00120.0091.00
Rubin Kazan 4-3 Atletico Madrid190.00--251.00151.00176.00151.00100.00250.00111.00
Rubin Kazan 4-4 Atletico Madrid375.00--251.00201.00351.00401.00170.00300.00151.00
Rubin Kazan 5-0 Atletico Madrid225.00----251.00301.00201.00130.00300.00--
Rubin Kazan 5-1 Atletico Madrid190.00----201.00226.00151.00130.00300.00--
Rubin Kazan 5-2 Atletico Madrid275.00----301.00326.00251.00130.00300.00--
Rubin Kazan 5-3 Atletico Madrid450.00------501.00451.00170.00----
Rubin Kazan 6-1 Atletico Madrid425.00----501.00501.00501.00--400.00--
Rubin Kazan 0-7 Atletico Madrid------501.00501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 1-7 Atletico Madrid------501.00501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 6-0 Atletico Madrid------501.00501.00----500.00--
Rubin Kazan 6-2 Atletico Madrid------501.00------500.00--
Rubin Kazan 7-1 Atletico Madrid------501.00501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 0-10 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 0-8 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 0-9 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 1-8 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 10-0 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 4-5 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--190.00----
Rubin Kazan 5-4 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--190.00----
Rubin Kazan 7-0 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 8-0 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 8-1 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 9-0 Atletico Madrid--------501.00--------
Rubin Kazan 5-5 Atletico Madrid------------210.00----
Half time/Full time - Bet on the result at half time and at full time. For example if you think ‘Team A’ will be winning 2-0 at half time and the final score will be 2-1, you would back Team A/Team A.
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Atletico Madrid/Atletico Madrid3.80--
Atletico Madrid/Draw16.00--13.5015.0014.0021.0012.0014.0015.00
Atletico Madrid/Rubin Kazan36.00--36.0029.0031.0041.0020.0040.0024.00
Draw/Atletico Madrid6.50--
Draw/Rubin Kazan7.00--6.506.506.505.005.006.505.50
Rubin Kazan/Atletico Madrid35.00--36.0029.0031.0041.0020.0035.0024.00
Rubin Kazan/Draw16.00--14.0015.0014.0023.0012.0015.0015.00
Rubin Kazan/Rubin Kazan4.30--4.334.604.3312.004.504.704.50
Over/Under - Bet on the number of goals that will be scored by both teams during the game. For example if you bet ‘Over 2.5 Goals’ then any score involving 3 or more goals (e.g. 2-1, 3-0, 2-2 etc.) will all be winners.
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Click on live odds to place your bet.
Click on live odds to place your bet.
Click on live odds to place your bet.
Click on live odds to place your bet.
Click on live odds to place your bet.
Asian - Bet on the full time score with a handicap applied to one of the teams. For example if you back 'Team A -1.5' then they will have to win by 2 clear goals for the bet to be a winner.
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Rubin Kazan----------2.85--10.95--
Atletico Madrid----------1.40--1.00--
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Rubin Kazan----------3.35--3.12--
Atletico Madrid----------1.30--1.30--
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Rubin Kazan----------5.00--4.35--
Atletico Madrid----------1.17--1.16--
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Rubin Kazan----------5.75--4.76--
Atletico Madrid----------1.14--1.14--
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Rubin Kazan----------6.10--5.14--
Atletico Madrid----------1.13--1.12--
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Rubin Kazan----------7.20------
Atletico Madrid----------1.10------
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Rubin Kazan--1.88----2.002.45--10.924.03
Atletico Madrid--1.88----1.721.60--1.001.25
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Rubin Kazan--------2.255.00--10.942.44
Atletico Madrid--------1.571.17--1.001.61
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Rubin Kazan--1.68----1.661.30--13.381.31
Atletico Madrid--2.14----2.103.35--1.003.56
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Rubin Kazan--------1.661.16--12.381.56
Atletico Madrid--------2.105.25--1.012.56
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Rubin Kazan----------1.13--1.35--
Atletico Madrid----------6.00--2.92--
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Rubin Kazan----------1.21--1.19--
Atletico Madrid----------4.25--4.10--
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Rubin Kazan----------1.18--1.16--
Atletico Madrid----------4.80--4.56--
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Rubin Kazan----------1.15--1.13--
Atletico Madrid----------5.50--4.98--
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Rubin Kazan----------1.10------
Atletico Madrid----------7.20------
Best Odds
Whilst every effort is made to ensure these odds are correct and up to date, some differences could occur so please check all aspects of your bets before placement.