Johnson confirms interest in Williams from Spanish club Villarreal

SuperSport United coach Cavin Johnson says he will not stand in the way of his goalkeeper Ronwen Williams, who is rumoured to be heading to Spain, on trial, at Villarreal

Last season’s Goalkeeper of the Season has once again been in good form this campaign and has captured the attention of a number of overseas clubs, who like what they have seen from the youngster.

“It’s a step up, it’s a better environment, it’s something else and that is important that players understand that,” Johnson said over the weekend.

“So, yes, he will go, if it’s there he will go… there’s no way I will stop him, I’ll never stop any player.

“Ronwen is a good player, I see him in the next four or five years being the next South African number one… all he has to do is push himself.”

Johnson believes any player linked with an overseas club benefits, because the player feels wanted and rewarded for a season of good performances.

“That, for me, is always an enhancement or a boost for the player that’s involved,” Johnson explained.

“When you have those type of things that say he’s going to play overseas, for a trial, it’s nice to have because he is going somewhere where the football is better, the training could be better.

“But he’s going somewhere where we all want to go. I’d like to coach Villarreal and if they ask me, I’m going to go as well for a trial.

“It’s about giving our players that little bit of energy.”