Messi: I prefer winning titles with Barcelona over individual trophies

The Argentina star is focused on winning titles with Barca, dreams about success with the national side and has refused to judge Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho
Lionel Messi has insisted that he cares about winning trophies with Barcelona more than about individual glory.

The Argentine attacker is widely seen as one of the best players in the history of the game, but the 25-year-old is more concerned about how he will be remembered as a person than as a footballer.

"I prefer winning titles with Barcelona over setting new records or winning individual trophies," Messi told El Pais.

"I am more concerned with being a good person than with being the best player in the world. When I retire, I want to be remembered as a good guy. Scoring goals is nice, but I also want to have made friends among the people I've played with.

"Individual awards are nice and I'm thankful for winning them. But I wouldn't have won anything without the help of my colleagues. I am fortunate to be playing for this club with all these great players. I'm just trying to help the team."

Messi also briefly had his say on Jose Mourinho, and stated that it's hard for him to judge the Real Madrid coach as he does not really know him.

"I can't say much about Mourinho. I don't really know him and have never spoken with him. I can only talk about what he has achieved, and that's winning a lot of titles. I know that his players speak well of him, but I don't know him.

"I always say what I think, but I do not feel the need to get myself into trouble. I'm not interested in creating conflicts or problems.

"I see no point in speaking badly of someone who I don't really know. I prefer to be respectful toward other people."

The prolific attacker then went on to discuss his ambitions with the national side, and stressed that he dreams of winning the World Cup with Argentina.

"I think we're on the right track with Argentina. [Alejandro] Sabella has got things very clear. He knows what he wants and how to transmit it to the team.

"Winning the 2014 World Cup is a dream. I would really love to make that happen. It would mean a lot for Argentina and for myself."

Argentina last won the World Cup in 1986.