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Former Banyana captain Amanda Dlamini speaks exclusively with about her resignation as the captain in the senior national women's team

Amanda who became the first Banyana captain to qualify the team for the London Olympics last year resigned this month.

Amanda’s resignation came as a shock to everyone as they were playing away from home when she broke the news. She told that the decision to resign was not easy at all, but she had to do it.

“This was probably one of the hardest decisions that I had to take in my life. I had a chat with my mom and the management and we agreed that they let me go out of this duty," said Amanda.

Banyana did not perform well in their recent tournament, and Amanda said she is positive that the team will peak up and do well.

"It came as a surprise to others so maybe some players are trying to adapt to the situation. But I believe that we have good players that are passionate about football in the country, who can take this team far," she said.

The KwaZulu-Natal born lady said her focus now will be on her studies, and also ensuring that whenever she is called in the team she delivers beyond expectations.

"I will continue to work as hard as I did. The only difference is that I will not really be part of some decision making, but I am going to give my best at all times," she said.

She said leading the team to the London Olympics was her highlight, and she will surely miss the limelight with being the captain.

"Leading the national team was a blessing for me and I will surely miss sometimes what I had in front of the public. But, I am positive that the team will continue doing well," said Amanda.