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Dikgacoi is making a name for himself in the English Premier League either way

Roy Hodgson: Stats can prove Dikgacoi is better than Gerrard

Dikgacoi is making a name for himself in the English Premier League either way

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England manager Roy Hodgson attempted to make the point, that you can't rely on statistics to prove which player is superior, picking on South Africa's Dikgacoi as the example

Crystal Palace midfielder Kagisho Dikgacoi is no where near as famous or highly-rated, when compared to England and Liverpool's captain Steven Gerrard, that's a given for Hodgson.

When the former West Brom and Fulham manager needed to demonstrate how he will select his England squad for the 2014 Fifa World Cup, he stressed the importance of form and that statistics don't tell the whole truth.

"People talk about passing statistics," he told the English media. "But Steven Gerrard will always have a worse passing statistic than Kagisho Dikgacoi, because Dikgacoi only passes the ball five yards back whereas Gerrard occasionally tries difficult passes. It's a complete nonsense," said Hodgson.

So, Dikgacoi only passes backwards? Not true, but Hodgson chose Dikgacoi as his 'obvious' example of being inferior to Gerrard. It's not the first time that Hodgson's method of making a point, results in being offensive to a second party.

The Bafana Bafana central midfielder actually takes on Gerrard in a midfield battle, later tonight, Monday. Crystal Palace host Liverpool in what could be a title deciding game. Dikgacoi will have his chance to make Hodgson notice, and turn the pressure on Liverpool's captain.