Middendorp: There was no gun between Maritzburg and me

Bloemfontein Celtic coach Ernst Middendorp finally shared his side of the story about his departure from Maritzburg United
Celtic's new coach Middendorp stressed that Maritzburg United owner and Chairman Farook Kadodia knew well in advance that he was leaving the club.

"There was a contract and negotiations took place. Mr Kadodia knew about it. I was never going to last at the club and told them that it is either they keep me, or they fire me and pay me out,” he told the media in Durban.

“I had to start looking for other options just in case I lost my job, but there was no gun involved between me and the club and they knew that I was going to leave the club either way,” he said.

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Speaking about his new role at Celtic so far, the German said the club is still working on finding the right momentum, but they need strikers who can finish well.

“It has only been about four weeks at the club and I am still getting the team to find combinations. What we are lacking is that final finish and strikers who can do that,” he said.

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