Platinum Stars set to take Cavin Johnson to court

Dikwena tell Goal that Cavin Johnson must not get too comfortable at SuperSport United as they will take him to court

Cavin Johnson might still be excited about his appointment as the new SuperSport United coach, but Platinum Stars are not going to let him go that easily.

One of the Stars’ officials has told Goal that the matter will be taken to court, as they believe that Johnson shouldn’t have joined Matsatsantsa while his case with the club is still pending.

“We won’t just give up on Johnson. We will take him to court if that’s he want. How do you sign a contract with another team while things are not resolved between you and your team? It is uncalled for,” Dikwena official told Goal.

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Johnson was on Wednesday afternoon, confirmed as the new SuperSport United tactician for the next three years, but Dikwena believe that he breached the contract after his resignation letter was rejected.

“He must not get too comfortable in that post, because he might find himself back in Rustenburg. He breached the contract,” added the Stars’ official.

The 54-year-old Johnson resigned as Dikwena coach three weeks ago, and he cited family issues as the main reason for his resignation until he was unveiled by the Tshwane side.

Goal also spoke to Aubrey Molobi who is the Platinum Stars media officer about the possibility of taking Johnson to court, and he said he cannot comment until next week.

“I cannot say anything on the matter until next week. We will release the statement once everything has been finalized,” said Molobi.

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