Larsen: I would have loved to see Swallows getting into the MTN8

Bloemfontein Celtic coach Clinton Larsen said he was hoping that Swallows were going to advance to the top eight of the PSL
This follows after the teams played to a 1-1 draw over the weekend. The coach Larsen added that it would have been greater if last season's MTN 8 champions reached the top eight so that they can be able to defend their cup.

“Honestly I would have loved to see Swallows advancing to the top eight but, hey they couldn’t. I think they played good football and they had a strong team on their bench so it was just unfortunate for them,” said Larsen.

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Having said so, the young coach added that in the meantime he cannot be worried about monitoring other teams as he mainly has his job to focus on.

“I cannot really be monitoring other teams, and checking how they are performing, whilst I still have my own team to take care of,” he said.

Moroka Swallows coach Zeca Marques said that his team failed to get to the top eight in the middle of the season and not in their last game.

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“We were supposed to qualify for the top eight during the middle of the season and not expect to change tables in the last round. There were a couple of games that we threw away of which we were supposed to win,” said Marques.

The coach also gave credit to his boys for the hard work and effort that they displayed during the entire season.

“I must give credit to my boys. They played well, and they were dedicated and gave me what I needed. Despite being disappointed by the fact that we can’t defend our trophy, I am pleased and hope that we will do better next season,” he said. 

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