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PSL’s Derek Blanckensee tells Goal that the league won’t stop Liverpool from coming to South Africa, but he insists Ajax Cape Town won’t play on May 21

The PSL General Manager Derek Blanckensee has told Goal that the league will not allow Ajax Cape Town to be part of Liverpool’s tour to South Africa on Tuesday, May 21.

Blanckensee also confirmed that the Urban Warriors are aware of the rules set by the PSL, as he added that the PSL season ends after the Nedbank Cup final.     

“Ajax made a request to the PSL and we said No, because their international friendly falls within our calendar and it will interfere with our events. They know that the season ends after the Nedbank Cup final (May 25),” Blanckensee told Goal.

He also confirmed that the league is not going to stop Liverpool from their tour to Cape Town, but Blanckensee is certain that Ajax won’t be part of the tour.

“We are not going to stop Liverpool from coming to South Africa, but we will definitely stop Ajax from participating,” said Blanckensee.

Blanckensee revealed that the PSL is not going to get involved as to when Ajax should play their English opponents.  

“The league is not going to tell Ajax what to do next. It’s up to them and the organizers to decide, but PSL is firm on their decision as per rules,” he said.

Ajax PRO Shooz Mekutu has confirmed to Goal that the team is aware of where the PSL is standing regarding the matter although they still believe that the league can allow them to take part in the tour.

However, he believes that the decision will be taken by the City of Cape Town on what will happen next should the team fail to convince the PSL to revert their decision.   

“We are aware that the league has refused to let us compete , but we still have hope that they can revert their decision. If nothing positive comes out of the PSL then the matter will be handled by the City of Cape Town and not Ajax Cape Town,” said Mekutu. 

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