Tingyemb: I don't care about selfish Cameroon football

Cameroon and Bloemfontein Celtic goalkeeper Patrick Tingyemb has told Goal.com that he hates his country with a passion and will never return

The Celtic keeper has dedicated his life in South Africa and does not even want to hear anything that has to do with the Cameroon national team. 

“There is no national team anymore. It is just a group of individuals now who are there for their own agendas and political games of which I don’t want to be involved in.  

“Honestly speaking I don’t want to hear anything that has to do with Cameroon and I don’t care what is happening there anymore,” said Tingyemb.

The Bloemfontein stopper said he is now dedicating his services with Celtic and he will do whatever it takes to make sure that he honours the club, for everything that it has done for him.

‘My heart is at Celtic and not any other team. The club is giving me the respect and love that I deserve, and I am giving my best in every game that I play,” he said.

He said he was quite disappointed with their 1-0 loss against AmaZulu on Wednesday and it is not what he had expected.

“We came to the match well prepared and we created plenty of opportunities and it was just unfortunate that we had to lose in the last minutes of the match. I believe we played good football and that is just the nature of the game,” he said.