Klate: Pirates will do everything to defend their PSL title

Pirates midfielder Daine Klate tells Goal.com that he is enjoying his working relationship with coach Roger De Sa and that they will do everything to retain their league title

Orlando Pirates left-winger Daine Klate has told Goal.com that he has been enjoying his football again under coach Roger De Sa, who took over from Augusto Palacios last year.

Klate said that he has worked with different coaches, but believes that De Sa is one of a kind. He revealed that he is willing to play according to the coach’s instruction in order to help Pirates retain their PSL title.

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“As a professional player I have worked with different coaches who have different styles. All I do is to be a team player and keep playing to the coach’s instructions,” Klate told Goal.com.

“Roger is a very good coach and has a very good training drills as well. So we came in and we all board into his philosophy and we hoping that we will do well to retain the league title,” he said.

Despite being in the Pirates’ starting line-up week in and week out, Klate believes that he still needs to improve as a player and highlighted positioning as the main area of his game that needs improvement.

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“There is always room for improvement. If you interview Messi now he will tell you that there is always room for improvement. None of us will ever be perfect and I always work hard. I stay behind at training. I know I have to improve in lot of things and for me it’s just about improving,” said Klate.

“Obviously shooting and getting in right positions at the right time and obviously working a little bit on free-kicks as well. It’s just about perfecting things because it’s not a lot of my weaknesses, but there are moments in the game when you have to have quick feet and that’s what training is for,” added Daine Klate.