Nematandani wants to run Safa for another four years

Nematandani says he is not intimidated by high profile candidates running for the Safa presidency, and that he still wants to continue leading the association

With the Safa elections around the corner, president Kirsten Nematandani has declared his availability and willingness to stand for the association’s presidency.

Nemantandani says he’s not intimidated by his competitors campaigning for the same position amid reports that Orlando Pirates chairman Dr Irvin Khoza will also be running for the presidency come the September elections.

“I did declare my availability to continue with my legacy. I shall be standing, but of course it's all subject to what the regions say at the end of the day. South Africa is a democratic country.

“It’s also exciting to realize that so many people would love to be at the helm of South African football association, and that makes me feel good,” Nematandani told the reporters at the Safa House.

Nematandani was elected unopposed as the Safa president back in 2009 after Dr Khoza and Danny Jordan withdrew on the eleventh hour.

He says he enjoyed his time as the president of the association, and he assured whoever will take over that Safa is stable despite reports that the organization is experiencing financial problems.  

“I did enjoy to have been at the helm of this organization [Safa]. The organization is stable. It is calm. We are delivering what we were supposed to deliver.”

“We have run thus far, the four years, with so many activities. There have never been so many activities in this association than what has happened in the past four years,” he said.

Nematandani has promised the nation that the outcome of the September elections will not affect how the organization will be run in the next four years, because the technical master plan that was designed during his tenure as president will be followed accordingly.

However, he still feels that he is the right person to take that master plan forward into the next four years.

“We have the technical master plan which paves the future, 12 years down the line and that is the future of South African football. This came under my leadership. We conceptualized that concept, the plan is there.

"If I am not there whoever will be there must know that the plan must never be disturbed, because it is the plan that is going to change the scope of South African football and that’s why I’m saying I am suitable to go back and take the plan across and implement it,” concluded Nematandani.

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