Igesund happy with venue change for CAR match

Bafana Bafana coach Gordon Igesund believes that it is the right decision to move the venue for his side's World Cup qualification match against CAR in June
Gordon Igesund has stated that moving South Africa's World Cup Qualifier against CAR from the war-torn city of Bangui is advantageous for his team due to the security problems facing the region.

The tie, set for kick-off on June the 8th, was put in doubt following the deaths of 13 members of the South African National Defence Force earlier this year.

Fifa has said that CAR will decide which venue to choose by the end of the week, with Cameroon, Congo and Togo being possible candidates.

Gordon Igesund believes that the benefits of a change in venue are numerous for South Africa due to the major security concerns throughout the country.

Speaking to Metro FM, Igesund said, “For us on a personal point of view we’re happy, not due to the fact that we’ll have a big advantage playing somewhere else, but due to the fact that we’ve lost our loved ones there and there’s a lot of trouble in the area.

“As far as the venue is concerned, we don’t know either. It’s speculation that it might go to Cameroon, but there’s also Togo and the Congo.

“But, if it does move I think it will be the correct decision and for us we’ll take full advantage of that situation if we can; if it goes to Cameroon or wherever, we’ll be prepared to play the match.”

Barney Kujane, Bafana Bafana team manager, will be deployed to inspect the venues once they have been clarified in order to determine what the side will require.

“Whether we go to play in Cameroon or not, by next week I’ll know everything about Cameroon because Barney will go and see everything that is going on there,” Igesund says.

“We’ll even have to go to into the extra expense and go to Togo and Congo if we have to.

“We need to prepare properly, we can’t wait until it’s too late only to find out we don’t have transport, accommodation and training facilities.”