Safa vice-president Chief Nonkonyane agrees with Fifa that Minister Mbalula shouldn’t interfere spoke with Safa vice-president Chief Nonkonyane about the involvement of Minister Mbalula in the formation of Independent Judicial Committee

Safa deputy president Chief Mwelo Nonkonyane has told the world football’s governing body, Fifa, was right to advice Minister Fikile Mbalula to stay away from the matters of match fixing and not interfere with the running of soccer in South Africa.

Mbalula flew all the way to Zurich earlier this month to have a meeting with Fifa for the formation of the Independent Judicial Committee that will look into match-fixing allegations facing Safa.

“Fifa was right. I believe there was no need for our Minister to get involved, because Fifa made it clear that the association should deal with the matter,” Chief Nonkonyane told

“If the Minister gets involved then it means we cannot do our job properly and that we are not the rightful leaders of this association (Safa),” he said.

In the same meeting that Fifa had with Mbalula, it was reportedly agreed that the government will only be responsible for the formation of the committee (Commission of Enquiry).

Nonkonyane feels that the association can take it from there and come up with the solution as to clear the names of those associated with match fixing within Safa.

“The association will take over after the Commission of Enquiry has been set and I am positive that we will be able to clear the names of those associated with the match-fixing reports,” added the Safa vice-president.