Bartlett: Soweto derby standard must improve

Former Bafana striker Bartlett told that his money is on Kaizer Chiefs when the two Soweto giants meet on Saturday at the FNB Stadium Shaun, who's your money on?

Bartlett: I think Kaizer Chiefs has the advantage. They have been doing well in the past few games and I think they have gained their momentum. Having said that, anything can happen since this is a derby and both teams will be going out for victory. What are your expectations for this game?

Bartlett: I will not be surprised if it ends with a draw, which has been happening lately. Do you think that the derby game has grown over the past years?

Bartlett: Yes, it have grown a lot, if you look into the coverage that these teams get, you then realise that there is more to it now as it attracts international exposure. With the International exposure that the derby is getting, are you happy with the quality of football that is displayed when these two teams meet?

Bartlett: Honestly, not. I think it doesn’t really meet our expectations now, because both the teams become too reserved at times. Which players do you think are going to have a good run, for both the teams?

Bartlett: I think, Bernard Parker for Chiefs, as he has done well in the past. He is in good form and he delivers when he gets opportunities. On the other hand I think Collins Mbesuma will be the trouble maker in this match. He has great experience. He fights and he has played in this derby before. There other players as well who will do well, but I think the key for both sides depends on these two. How important is it for the players to be mentally strong here?

Bartlett: Players will have to relax, which I understand because there are high expectations from the fans and the management. I think they should play with pride and enjoy their game.