Ajax Amsterdam displays social responsibility by supporting Ajax Cape Town’s Community Scheme

The Mother City club's innovative Community Scheme focuses on using the game as a tool of social development while utilising their parent club's continued support and funding

The power of football goes beyond the community it fashions between fans, the sense of belonging it creates for supporters and the revenue it generates. South African football club Ajax Cape Town, with the support of their parent club Ajax Amsterdam, has taken the influence of football to a new level, using it as a development tool and a way to help the poverty-stricken communities around Cape Town to overcome their disadvantages and learn vital life lessons.

Some of the fervour surrounding the 2010 Fifa World Cup in South Africa was focused around the possibilities of social development and the expansion of football infrastructure in the country following the tournament.

There has always been a wealth of talent and interest in Cape Town, but previously the lack of support has meant that many children were not able to develop their skills or learn from the social benefits of the game.

Ajax Cape Town decided to combat this with their innovative Community Scheme, which was initiated even before the 2010 event began. The World Cup has made more people aware of the community-based programmes in South Africa, which focus on using the game as a social tool and continue to inspire with their commitment to the local communities.

The Ajax Cape Town Community Scheme began in early 2007, in partnership with the the British High Commission, Charlton Athletic and the South African Police Services (SAPS). The scheme consists of seven programmes all focused on the policy of youth development.

Ajax Amsterdam owns 51% of the Cape Town club, and gave its full support to the club’s decision to start focusing on the community with financial backing and its professional European coaching techniques and training. The European powerhouse has supported the scheme ever since its inception and believe in the importance of future social development.

   "We’re trying to ensure that these kids have a future, whether it be in soccer, whether it be as a doctor, a photographer or a media person it doesn’t matter."

Riyaad Khan, Community Scheme Administrator

The scheme combines the influence of the world’s most popular sport with various programmes which help to dissuade young children from falling into the traps of drugs, alcohol and gangsterism. Football is being used as a powerful tool which can help to invoke change in some of the most crime-ridden areas of Cape Town, by giving the children the chance to escape the dangers of crime and social ills in order to pursue their dreams and become responsible individuals.

One of the notable programmes includes Kick ‘n Learn, which combines social upliftment and the physical benefits of playing football. The programme is based in Primary Schools around the Cape Town area and gives thirty pre-selected children the opportunity to learn about essential facets of life including nutrition, the dangers of drugs and the importance of safety. Coupled with these life skills, an hour of football training is provided during each session, emphasising the enjoyable aspects of the game and the spirit of team-work.

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