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Zimbabwean defender Carlington Nyadombo told that he would like to play in France after PSL side AmaZulu How do you feel about your progress in Durban, and how has playing in South Africa improved you?

Nyadombo: It's been great, I have enjoyed my stay here and I have grown a lot as a player. Obviously after the win on Saturday against Swallows we are all happy and motivated. The majority of the players will usually use the South African Premier League as a stepping stone to greater heights, so what are your personal goals?

Nyadombo: I would love to go and play in France. I think their style of football is similar to mine. The thing is I wouldn’t like to play for any other PSL team besides AmaZulu, so from here I would love to go to France. Do you feel that you can reach a level to compete there soon?

Nyadombo: Yes I am, it is just that we need to keep winning so that they can get to see me playing, otherwise if we don’t win they will also lose interest in watching me. Last season you scored many goals for USuthu, so how do you compare your form?

Nyadombo: Yes, in fact I have been working very hard on my finishing as much as I am a defender. I think my problem was the injury, but I am much better now and I hope I will continue from there. In the last game that you played against Platinum Stars you scored an own goal, and how did this effect your performance?

Nyadombo: Yes I do remember that incident, but I have told myself that I am going to be positive. Everyone makes mistakes, but what is important is to accept it and move on. What are some of the aspirations that you have for your home national team, Zimbabwe?

Nyadombo: I would love to go back there and play, so if they need me I will always be available. Up to this day I still think I am the best defender in my country.