Goodman Dlamini promises to get AmaZulu back to winning ways against Swallows

AmaZulu's in-form striker Goodman Dlamini told that their focus is now on PSL survival, after crashing out of Nedbank Cup What impact does the loss in Nedbank have on the team, going forward with the PSL?

Dlamini: I think everybody saw that we did not play well, and everyone is disappointed, but we have to put that aside. As much as we are disappointed, I don’t think it will have much impact because most of the players, that usually play for us were not there. You have been in good form, not only taking shots on target, but also creating opportunities for fellow strikers.

Dlamini: It can only be down to hard work. I have been working really hard, not only during the team practise, but even after training, I remain behind to sharpen my skills. As for connecting with players, I make sure that during training I try to learn and listen as much as I can so that in game situations we understand each other. What are some of the goals that you have set this year?

Dlamini: For now the main goal, is helping the team, by so doing this will mean I would have scored goals. So basically I want to score as many goals as possible so that the team does well. What effect does the new signings coach Craig Rosslee brought into the side have on you?

Dlamini: Competition is always good as it keeps us working hard at all times. For instance if you look at a player like Njabulo Manqana and Joseph Malongoane you can see that they are really serious about getting the jersey. So for me it is all about the club first and respect for each other. We are learning from each other and support one another at all times. Going into the next PSL match against Swallows, what are your expectations?

Dlamini: I am hoping that we will do well as I think we have created enough opportunities and it will be time for us to convert. Swallows is a great team, they comprise of good quality and experienced players, so it will not be easy playing them at home. We will have to keep our heads high and play our football.