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AmaZulu goalkeeper and Zimbabwe national, Tapuwa Kapini told that he still wants to play for his country How are you feeling, coming back from an injury?

Kapini: I am much better, and I believe I am in a better state to deliver for Usuthu. What about your international career?

Kapini: I am not giving up on playing for my country. If I get a call-up I will make sure that I am available to play. There seems to be great competition, with other goalkeepers raising their bar, how does that make you feel?

Kapini: I am proud of them, but I believe my experience is vital, and it can never be substituted. Speaking about experience, what has been you observation on AmaZulu, since the league has resumed?

Kapini: Things have been good, as we have worked very hard and I hope that we will score more goals. In the first match you kept a clean sheet, how important is that, to start on a high note?

Kapini: It feels good, because it gives you confidence as a goalkeeper. What role do you think you guys need to play to ensure that the club does well?

Kapini: I think every senior player must take responsibility and stand up. There are younger players who look up to us, so we need to lead the way for them.


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