Bhengu: I always want to score, even when I'm having an off-day

Makhosonke Bhengu spoke to about his expectations at AmaZulu after returning home from Hong Kong club, Sun Hei How have you readapted to South African conditions after being away?

Bhengu: I am coping well, although by the time I arrived, I struggled a bit, but I am now managing. In terms of the feeling of coming back home to South Africa - how do you feel and how has it been with AmaZulu so far?

Bhengu:   I am very much excited. I have always enjoyed being home and it is great being back. The training sessions have been great and everyone is welcoming and excited. You did not play the first game, due to injury. What can we expect from you?

Bhengu: I just want to score goals. By so saying, I mean even if my performance is not good, but so long as I score then I will be happy. I know people will expect to be entertained, but I am here to get the ball in the back of the net, as that's what comes first. It has been quite some time since you have left South Africa, so do you think you will manage to keep up with the style of play?

Bhengu: Yes, that's true, but I am learning every day. This is also a great opportunity to prove myself to some of the critics, that I am the best player. You are coming to a club that is seriously in need of goals, so how much pressure does that place on you?

Bhengu: Yes, there is pressure, but as a professional player you need to find ways to cope with it. I think AmaZulu are a big, great team and there is no way that they will be relegated. I will play my part to ensure that in every game I score. How are you feeling going into this year?

Bhengu: After playing the friendly matches, during the off season, my confident has raised high, and I am now positive and ready to deliver.