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Former Bafana midfielder Delron Buckley spoke to about his future after the game against AmaZulu on Tuesday night You still have that same level of energy on the field, so what is your secret?

Buckley: Thanks, I think the secret is eating healthy and staying fit at all times. What did you make of your performance against AmaZulu?

Buckley: I am quite happy; I think I gave it my all. It has been some time since I played a whole 90 minutes, so I am happy that I was able to achieve that. What do you hope to achieve with United?

Buckley: I can be more than happy if we can finish in the top five. Every player seemed positive and has bought into that vision. I know it will not be easy but through hard work, anything is possible, as we just have to continue working hard. You have been in the game for quite some time, so how are you sharing your experience with the rest of the players?

Buckley: Yes, I have had a long journey, but you will be surprised that I am the one who is learning every day. Experience is crucial and I think that is what is helping me maintain my form. It is also good to see the younger players in the squad who are eager to learn. How long would you like to continue playing in the PSL, before you retire?

Buckley: Not at the moment, I think I still have about two more seasons or so. So long as my body can take in all the training then I will continue playing. So far I am still enjoying my football and I look forward to some more years.