Jomo Cosmos and Benfica partnership paves the way for increased focus on youth development

The announcement of the new Jomo-Benfica Soccer Schools is a step in the right direction for South African football development

Jomo Cosmos announced their new partnership with Sporting Lisboa Benfica on Friday, which will enhance South African football’s youth development through the establishment of the Jomo-Benfica Soccer Schools.

South African football development will gain the backing of a successful and highly-effective partner in the form of Benfica, whose academy has more than 5000 intakes. Jomo Sono believes that the project will reach out to thousands of underprivileged children.

“Soccer is a platform that has helped me to reach out to lots of people and in this case we’re going to reach out to many more kids as we can,” he said.

The project is set to be based on Benfica’s legendary football academy in Portugal and could be started in three months according to Benfica and Cosmos officials.

The announcement was made in Johannesburg on Friday where Benfica representative Miguel Reis praised Jomo Sono for his vision and supported the project’s aim: To accelerate football development in South Africa.

“At Benfica we have a legacy of excellence. The culture of winning is imbibed in our youth right from the onset, but basically, developing raw talent is our primary objective at this time and we’re more than happy to be associated with Jomo Sono in making this happen in South Africa,” Reis said.

Sono expressed his excitement about the project and gave future football players a few tips during the press conference.

“I am indeed proud and excited to announce this soccer development programme for the youths of South Africa and thanks to Sport Lisboa Benfica for making it happen,” Sono said.

“Soccer players must be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, and this programme will assist in making that happen.