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The teams set to compete at the Africa Cup of Nations will be able to begin their logistical preparations once the tournament draw is concluded in Durban on Wednesday night

"The final draw will reveal the four groups of four teams who will compete against each other from January 19 until February 10 for Africa's biggest prize. After the draw the representatives will be shown the specific logistics in place for their group," said Mvuzo Mbebe, the chief executive of the Afcon's Local Organising Committee. 
He was speaking at a workshop titled "Delivering the Cup of Nations; Hosting Africa's Premier Football Event" at Soccerex African Forum in Durban on Tuesday.

"After the draw the teams will be shown the hotels as well as the rooms and the menus. If they want to make changes then we will discuss with them. They will be shown routes to training venues, escort mechanisms and they will have team liaison officers.''

''Everything is 100% ready - if only the teams were involved we could start tomorrow morning. But for the spectator experience we have a ticketing system in place. For security reasons the actual ticket will be distributed from mid-November," said Mbebe on the platform he shared with Zambian FA president Kalusha Bwalya and South African FA chief executive Dr Robin Peterson.

Following a morning engaged with print and broadcast media to explain their working environment and logistics in place for the tournament, Mbebe told delegates that they aimed to maintain the same standards as set for the World Cup. While infrastructure such as stadia and transport remained the same, the fan experience would be different.

"From an organizational perspective we always said the World Cup was Africa hosting other nations and we went out and delivered what we needed to. This time its us hosting ourselves. It doesn't mean lower standards. We want to meet the standard but make sure it will be different and better. It will be different in how we package the fan experiences, such as food, entertainment, match day experiences.''

"For the World Cup teams based their camps anywhere and fans were nomads. For Afcon fans will stay in the city for the duration of the group matches," said Mbebe.