Klinsmann hails German football's progress

The former Bayern Munich coach feels the Bundesliga sides' impressive showing in Europe this season is evidence of the good work clubs have put in recently

Jurgen Klinsmann believes that German football's recent rise is the result of the good work put in by clubs over the last decade or so.

All three Bundesliga teams topped their groups in the Champions League this season, and the USA coach believes that it shows that the national game is progressing well.

“I think they did the right thing over the last 10, 15 years. They're financially stable, the stadia are all top class because of World Cup 2006, and the stadia are constantly sold out," he told reporters.

“It looks pretty much like Bayern Munich this year will go all the way. I don't know how big the lead is at the moment but I think they're going to follow that through.

"Borrussia Dortmund look extremely good in the Champions League. If they can keep that kind of performance going, then it will be exciting."

The former Germany boss went on to voice his happiness at Pep Guardiola's decision to snub Premier League interest in favour of Bayern, who he will join in the summer.

“It's another big compliment for German soccer. One of the best coaches in the world decides: 'Okay, I want to go to the Bundesliga'. It's huge! For us, it's a real pleasure to have that”

Bayern currently hold nine-point lead over nearest rivals Bayer Leverkusen.