Yobo: Nigeria must not get carried away in the final against Burkina Faso

Nigeria’s victory over Mali was one of the most impressive performances in the Afcon, but their captain Joseph Yobo told Goal.com they must not get carried away

Nigeria trounced Mali 4-1 in the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations semi-final at the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban on Wednesday.

“We need to be humble for our success. We are aware that it was only God’s grace and therefore we must try not to take the credit. I think this was a great victory and every player contributed in the win,” said Yobo.

Despite the fact that Nigeria did not start on a high in this tournament, and many people had written them off, Yobo said that this struggle made them strong.

“Sometimes it is good to have negative people around you, and also those who undermine you because they push you to become the best you can possibly be. I will not lie; this has been a great journey. At the same time things have not been easy, as you can see that the competition has been tight.

“It doesn’t really matter who starts the match, I believe that every decision that the coach makes, is for the better. Even during the finals, I will not really be concerned about starting, but so long as I will get a chance to play and add value to the team,” he said.

Yobo also added that Nigeria did not expect to score four goals, because they had a high respect for Mali.

“We knew that they don’t really rely on pace so we thought that it is better if we just try and kill them (with pace) during the first half. Honestly, I did not think that we were going to score so many goals, butwhen  opportunities came, we made sure that we capitalized,” he said.