Yobo considering retirement after the World Cup 2014

Nigeria captain Joseph Yobo has said that he is considering retirement after the World Cup in Brazil next year

“I have enjoyed my football and still do up to this day, but I wouldn’t mind retirement next year after the World Cup.

“I want to use this tournament (Afcon) as an opportunity to learn and groom other players who will be the future of Nigeria."

Going into tomorrow’s game against Mali the captain said his team is well motivated, and they will go all out to secure a win.

“We are all motivated and hungry for a win. I think all the players at this stage knows that anything can happen and it vital to deliver beyond expectations,” said Yobo.

Yobo said that this should be an interesting match, and it will bring the best out of both the teams.

“It will not be an easy match and we are prepared to fight. At the moment we are not thinking about winning the cup, but our focus is on advancing from the semi finals. By the look of things we are positive and ready.

“It is great that they are playing similar football to ours, because we can we understand them better. Another factor that should make this game interesting is that we both have a big physique so it should really be a challenge for both of us. The only thing that we have right now is the belief and positive attitude,” said Yobo.

Yobo also added that he is looking forward to meeting the Mali captain after having played in the youth championships, both captaining their sides in 1999.

“It should really be interesting and it will be awesome to see that we have gone all the way to captaining our senior teams. What is important though is that each one of us must go all out and play," he said.