Cape Verde coach Lucio Antunes believes his side have the potential to win the Africa Cup of Nations

Lucio Antunes is confident that Cape Verde's fairytale can continue and is brave enough to admit that his group of players have what it takes to become champions of Africa
Cape Verde face Ghana on Saturday evening in Port Elizabeth, with the underdogs going into the clash with nothing to lose and the belief that they can beat anyone according to coach Lucio Antunes. 

“There is a big difference between before the tournament and now,” Antunes said on Friday in Port Elizabeth.

“Initially we were very confident, but now more. We are now more confident and stronger as well. We think we are going to the final.

“Zambia won the last tournament because they were the strongest. We are going to win the tournament, that’s why we are here.”

The coach's belief in hard work and his utilisation of tactics have been instrumental in Cape Verde's dramatic qualification into the quarter-final stage and he feels his side's commitment will only stand them in good stead as the tournament progress.

“Our team is very serious. We have been working a lot for this tournament. We know ourselves and we’re ready for any of teams in this tournament. We very confident and we’re here to win,” Antunes concluded.

During a press conference on Friday morning, the coach was asked whether Jose Mourinho had been assisting him during the tournament and he pretended to hold a phone conversation with the Los Blanco's "Special One".

After the gimmick Antunes smiled and said, "Yes, it is true. Today we will be talking after I know what the composition of Ghana's team is. So yes, we are talking and Jose Mourinho is giving me advice."  

Cape Verde will look to continue defying the odds and proving that they are a tough nut to crack when they face Ghana on Saturday.

Their captain Neves believes that teams should underestimate Cape Verde at their peril, and told reporters, "We are here to carry on, we came here to stay and already we have eliminated a few teams who were thought to be better than us."