Sangweni: Something told me to just get up there and believe I can score gives you an inside perspective of Bafana's triumph in this Q & A with goalscorer Siyabonga Sangweni How did you feel about scoring the goal that took Bafana to the quarterfinal?

Sangweni:I feel very proud, and I must say it was only God’s grace. What made you to leave your defensive position and lurk forward?

Sangweni: Honestly speaking, I don’t know. i just told myself to let go and try my luck. I guess the rest is history. This is your second goal in the 2013 Afcon, what went through your mind when you realised that the team is trailing and could be eliminated?

Sangweni: Well, I just told myself that, there is no need staying at the back when things are not going well in our attack. It is all about taking your chances and that is what I have been doing. Have you considered being a striker as some pundits have suggested?

Sangweni: Nah, not really (laughs), I enjoy being a defender, and from time to time, going to attack, but players need to specialize in that department. In our last interview you said that you knew that you were going to score before the match, was this the case this time as well?

Sangweni: No it wasn’t, although when the game was on, there was something telling me that I can get another goal, and I just had to believe it. There were a couple of errors in the defense that resulted in both the goals that Morocco scored. What happened out there?

Sangweni: I think it was just a matter of communication. We did not communicate well with each other, and I am really feeling bad about it. What was the main lesson that you learnt in this tournament?

Sangweni: That we need to play as a team and support each other all the time. What are your expectations for the remainder of the Afcon?

Sangweni: I expect tougher competition, but I also believe that we have what it takes to win this Afcon.