Furman: The vuvuzela's and songs made me feel like a true South African

Dean Furman told Goal.com South Africa that his superb performance in the 2-0 win against Angola was inspired by the fans who brought the best out of him

Every time Dean Furman touched the ball there was a huge reception from the fans which might have reminded onlookers of the warmth shown to the Bafana players in 1996.

Furman who made his Africa Cup of Nations debut told Goal.com that inspired him to fight so hard in the field and go all out.

“As I entered the field, hearing the Vuvuzela’s and all the songs, I really felt like a true South African and that just made me go all out,” said Furman.

"I think it really helped to relax and just focus on the game. I look forward to the next match and hopefully this is a start of greater things.

“It was a great atmosphere and I think hard work and communication really won us this game. I knew that I had to forget about myself and put the nation first, and I guess that worked to our advantage,” he said.

His hunger and drive on the field will most definitely attract club interest for the Oldham captain, but he said for now he is just focusing on the Afcon.

“Passion plays a crucial role, the more you enjoy your game the better you perform and that is what I did. I think what else helped us to do well is that we were playing our own game.

“For now I am just focusing on the Afcon and not really concern about which club wants me. I am happy that the team got the full three points and that is what matters the most right now,” he said.