Bafana fans excited for the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations and fully behind the team

With 9 days to go before the 2013 Afcon, spoke to Bafana's most famous fan Saddam Maake about his views on the South African team
With only nine days to go before South Africa host the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations, there are already celebrations taking place in most host cities and South Africa spoke with Bafana’s number one fan Freddie “Saddam” Maake about his sense of anticipation.

Bafana’s number one fan Saddam is still positive that SA will excel in the Afcon and has urged the nation not to worry about the performance against Norway, but to support the national team.  

“We cannot judge the team on just one friendly match. Our boys played well and I am certain that they will do well during the tournament,” he said.

Fans play an important role in giving a boost to the players self esteem  especially if they are not doing well. Although Bafana Bafana has always had the support of the nation behind it, but Saddam said this should be consistent.
“If all the fans can know that they are the 12th man in the stadium, things will be much better. These are our brothers and we need to be behind them at all times even in times of difficulties,” he said.

Saddam also felt that as much as Bafana needs their support, they must also give their best on the field.

“At the moment Bafana is doing well but they need to start scoring goals. They (Bafana) cannot just raise our hopes up and fail to get us good results,” said Saddam.

During the Fifa 2010 World Cup which was also hosted by South Africa, many football fans showed support by wearing their soccer jerseys on Friday which was known as the ‘magnificent Fridays.’  For this tournament not many people have been seen wearing those Jerseys and Saddam said they need to continue where they left off in 2010.
"I am happy that we have sold the tickets for the oppening ceremony, now people must go and buy tickets for other matches and let us go and witness history in our country," he said.