Seyi Akinwumi: Soccerex will lift football in Lagos State

Lagos football chief says the football seminar will help lift the game in the State
Seyi Akinwumi, the Lagos State Football Association Chairman, has revealed that the Soccerex seminar currently going on in Lagos will help lift the game in the State.

Akinwumi told that the seminar will further add to the successes the State has recorded in the past months in soccer development at the youth level.

"It is a good thing Soccerex is taking place in Lagos State and I must say it is coming at the right time when football is growing rapidly in the state.

"The seminar will cause a growth in the game especially in areas of developing the youths. That is why we are organising the Eko Football Festival alongside Soccerex so that we can put a lot of things into practice.

"We are sure that when the game is uplifted from the youth level, football will surely grow in advanced stages.

"In Lagos State, we believe that football should start from the grassroots and then grow to become a major unifying force when these youths graduate into the big leagues.

"In Soccerex, we are going to make use of everything we learn to further drive home the point that football can thrive with effective private participation.

"This is the reason why we are creating an enabling environment for all clubs to come and do business in Lagos because like we have seen at Soccerex, it is better to lay a good foundation for football and then watch it grow.

"Our youths will benefit from the lessons learnt during this Soccerex," Akinwumi concluded.