Ghana striker Schlupp reveals Rooney, van Persie mentoring role

The young striker has stated that tips he received from the Manchester United duo were very useful to him getting to the end of last season

Leicester City striker Jeffrey Schlupp has revealed guidelines from Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie during his training spell at Old Trafford helped him a lot.

The 20-year-old German-born Ghana international indicated the duo helped him with “finishing practice” which shaped him up upon his return to Leicester.

“The experience at Manchester United was fantastic. To have the opportunity to train with Rooney and Van Persie was brilliant,” Schlupp told the June edition of Soar Magazine.

“They will occasionally guide me and give me tips here and there while we were doing finishing practice, advising me on my body position and things like that. I also just watched them as well and I learned so much.”

He scored thrice against Derby County, Birmingham City and Bolton Wanderers on his return from the Manchester United trials.