Issa Hayatou questions Samuel Eto’o’s allegations of assassination plot

The Caf president says he sees no reason why Cameroon officials would plot to kill the former Barcelona striker following his recent media outburst against the FA

Caf president Issa Hayatou has cast doubt on Samuel Eto’o’s allegations that officials of the Cameroon football federation (Fecafoot) were planning to assassinate him after he denounced high-level corruption within the body.

Hayatou, who is also a Cameroonian, told France 24 during the weekend that Eto’o needs to show the world proof that the Fecafoot is after his life.

“I can’t see any reason or don’t know why officials from the Cameroon FA should go after the life of Samuel Eto’o, who has done wonderful things for our football and can still do more,” Hayatou said.

“Eto’o made those allegations, perhaps he could be right, but what is necessary now is for him to show everyone the proof that some people want to assassinate him because of what he said some time ago.

“Personally, I don’t believe any official of the Fecafoot has such plans because Eto’o is a national pride to everybody and killing him would be a loss to even the FA,” he said.

The former Barcelona player revealed last month that some people at the Cameroonian football body were plotting to take his life after he denounced mismanagement of funds involving several top officials.

Eto’o said he had reinforced security within his home in Cameroon and no longer wore the team’s jersey distributed by the Fecafoot for fear of being poisoned, but ordered his directly from the Puma factory.

The Fecafoot secretary described the accusations as baseless.