21 death sentences for Port Said Stadium violence in Egypt

21 defendants responsible for the Port Said stadium violence were sentenced to death by an Egyptian court on Saturday

The court in Egypt has finally ruled on the worst-ever football disaster in Egyptian history, which took place in Port Said in February 2012. The fatal clashes saw 74 supporters being killed when fights broke out between rival fans of al-Ahly and al-Masry in Egypt's top flight league match last year.

Violent fans reacted with stones and fireworks minutes after the match in Port Said. Back in Cairo at the visiting teams al-Ahly home town, more violence erupted with 16 deaths. As a result the Egyptian league was suspended.

Even though, there were wild celebrations for justice in the court, back in Port Said there started a new clash with at least eight people killed outside the Port Said prison on Saturday. This is the same prison where the defendants were held inside. Two policemen were also killed as the prison was stormed.

The latest violence comes amidst further political turmoil and tension during the second anniversary of the Egyptian revolution. A day earlier President Mohammed Morsi was accused of betraying the revolution, leading to mass protest with 450 people wounded across Egypt.

Al-Ahly football fans known as the 'ultras' also played an important role during the revolution two years ago. Since the stadium violence they blamed the Port Said incident on supporters of the old regime. Out of the 73 people tried at the court recently, none were al-Ahly fans. The verdict for the remaining defendants will be announced on March 9.