Mexico won't call up Carlos Vela after striker doesn't commit

The Real Sociedad star met with FMF officials but won't be playing for Mexico during this World Cup cycle.

It's the same song, another verse for the Mexican FA and Carlos Vela.

Coach Miguel Herrera, national team director Hector Gonzalez Inarritu and other federation officials met with the star Real Sociedad forward Monday in Madrid to gauge his intentions and interest in returning to El Tri. But Vela, once more, said he wasn’t 100 percent in the right mental and emotional states of mind, according to a news release from the federation.

There might be some finality now, with the same release stating that Herrera told the player he doesn't have the commitment he's looking for from his national team players.

"Therefore, Carlos Vela definitely will not be selected in the course of this World Cup process," the release stated.

The Mexican team still has Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez, Oribe Peralta and Raul Jimenez as forward options in the 2014 World Cup but no doubt would’ve been bolstered by a Vela commitment.

Yet, Vela's decision won't complicate Herrera's preparations, the manager told ESPN Deportes, as he needs players who are completely committed to the national team; however, the manager did express surprise that a player was willing to give up participating in the World Cup, the most important tournament of most players' careers.

Vela has been one of the best Mexican players in Europe for the past two seasons but hasn’t suited up for the national team since March 2011. He had a falling out with then-manager Jose Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre and took umbrage to how he was portrayed in the Mexican press.

Many speculated that with Vela in fine form and a new man at the helm of El Tri, a return would be in the cards. For now, that looks to be off the table.

"I had some hope, but I saw it was complicated," Gonzalez Inarritu told ESPN Deportes after the meeting. "Miguel realized after 45 minutes that (Vela) wasn't prepared (for the World Cup)."

The player himself released a respectful letter on Twitter, explaining his side of the story.

"In every meeting I've had with various people, who at the time have been responsible for directing the national team, I've expressed to them that Mexico is my country and it always will be," Vela said in the letter. "However, in this process that has been developing for the next World Cup tournament, I haven't been mentally at 100 percent to represent or be part of the team, which deserves my utmost respect."

Vela went on to say qualification was a difficult process and that the players who helped El Tri qualifiy are the players who deserve to represent their country at the World Cup, especially after a difficult qualification cycle that saw the team insulted and criticized.

"All my colleagues who have been through these moments, I want to extend them my sincerest respect and admiration, and it's chiefly to them I direct these words," he said. "Only 23 players go to Brazil. The grand majority or all of them who attend the World Cup will be very fortunate. Some of those 23 have lived, enjoyed and suffered through this qualification, and it wouldn't be fair on my part for any one of them to stay out in order to give me their spot."

This is a saga that hasn’t been without its twists and turns, and the letter did leave open the possibility of joining Mexico once the World Cup is over if he is back at 100 percent mentally.

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