Neymar defends father over Barcelona transfer

The former Santos star has thanked his father for the role he has played in his success so far and for his support.
Neymar has defended his father over his role in the Brazil international's transfer from Santos to Barcelona.

The 21-year-old's parents' company N&N received 10 million euros in 2011 to ensure that Neymar would not leave Santos for any other club except Barcelona.

The payment was a portion of the 40 million euros the Catalans paid overall to ensure they would receive a first option in any transfer.

"I have kept quiet until now. More and more is being said about my transfer," the forward stated via Instagram.

"I called my father to tell him that I would speak up and he told me to keep quiet and focus on my recovery. He wanted me to leave this to him, but he will understand me.

"I am sorry for disobeying, but I will not remain silent.

"I would like to thank you for the way you have helped me during my career and for the way you have supported our family. I know that people talk a lot of nonsense about us and question our character. I have come to realize that I had a lot of fake friends.

"When Thiago Silva said that he was willing to die on the pitch for me, I thought the same about you. Not only would I die for you, but I would also give my only son's life for you. That's why I ask you to come to Spain.

"I miss you. I need a few more days before I make my comeback and I need you here. It's time to realize that you didn't do anything wrong."

Neymar is currently sidelined with an ankle injury and missed the Liga games against Levante, Malaga and Valencia due to the knock.