Falcao: Footballers are unaffected by crisis in Spain

The Colombia international has reflected on the bad economic situation of the country, and believes that players are left untouched by such problems
Atletico Madrid striker Radamel Falcao believes that footballer "live in a bubble" when it comes to the problems many people face in Spain.

The country has been hit hard by the economic crisis sweeping across Europe in recent years, but the Colombian has acknowledged that players have it easy.

"Clearly the economic situation in the country is not easy," the 27-year-old told El Mundo.  "A footballer always lives in a bubble, because when such things come along they are not affected by the crisis, but I do know how things are because otherwise I would not be living in this world.

"I have the privilege of having a job and that, today, is something that I value greatly."

The former Porto star went on to say that the game has become less about sport and more about making money in recent years.

"For many, football has become a business, to others a radical consideration or position to divide people. This exceeds what the game is, it used to be something much more fraternal."

The Colombian also revealed that he has been learning to speak English, but not because he has been plotting a move to the Premier League.

"English? I am learning. I have many years ahead of me, so I hope the next time I go on holiday, I have the chance to use it."

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