Guti: Ramos and Casillas did not issue Mourinho ultimatum

The retired playmaker has weighed in with his opinion on the coaching fracas engulfing los Blancos, claiming no player would have the audacity to decide the club's coach
Former Real Madrid midfielder Guti has remarked on his disbelief that Sergio Ramos or Iker Casillas had led a player revolt to petition that coach Jose Mourinho be forced out of the club.

Spanish media outlets claimed the Spanish pair had demanded that president Florentino Perez choose between the players or the controversial Portugeuse coach, who has endured several run-ins with senior players this season.

Ramos, Casillas and Perez have since denied such allegations publicly, and Guti believes such disrespect would not be allowed to exist within the squad.

"It's not possible a captain [Ramos or Casillas] would tell Florentino what he must do regarding a coach," the 36-year-old maintained to Cadena Cope. "The future of the boss should be decided by the club, and not the players. I have never said anything like that to any president, it would not be respectful. The president has been clever enough to come out and make a stand.

"It's normal to have some kind of problem with someone in a group of 25 players, but the group has to come first, above rivalries. If they can't put up with Mourinho, there will be time to sort it out later on, with the Champions League coming up in a few weeks time."

Although his statements suggest the opposite, Guti had allegedly made comments towards former manager Manuel Pellegrini in the dressing room, prior to his departure for Besiktas.

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