Tabarez: Barcelona is the best I have ever seen

The Uruguay coach has praised the club’s long-term strategy for success.

Oscar Tabarez says the current Barcelona side is the best he has ever seen.

The Catalan club was hugely successful during Pep Guardiola’s four-year tenure, and now - under Tito Vilanova - it has romped to the top of La Liga and are one of the favorites to win the Champions League.

Tabarez, whose South American side will face the likes Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Gerard Pique in the summer in its 2013 Confederations Cup group, believes Barca has earned its success due to a strategy of long term investment.

"Football is becoming more global all the time, which is why other influences emerge that are linked to organizational factors," he told "These could be economic reasons, youth development systems or lengthy projects whose roots go back many years.

"Barcelona are a clear example of that. We’re all spellbound by how expressive their football is, which is the best I’ve ever seen.

"But it didn’t come about in two or three years, did it? Playing football like Barcelona isn’t as simple as seeing a suit you like in a shop window, going inside and buying it.

Uruguay enters the Confederations Cup as Copa America winner, and has been drawn with the World Cup winners, Tahiti and an African nation that has yet to be decided.

"Our objective, first and foremost, is to enjoy it," Tabarez admitted. "Every time an international competition featuring such important teams comes around, you hold out hopes of going as far as possible.

"We’re well aware that we’re going to face some great teams. Spain are currently setting the standard, they’re winning the biggest tournaments of them all [and] the way they play is the envy of everyone else and they’re having a big influence on the game at the moment.

"Whichever African team makes it will be a powerful side. And Tahiti deserve plenty of respect and will provoke a lot of curiosity too - let’s see what role they’ll play."

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