Barcelona's Montoya denies theft allegations

The Barca defender refutes accusations he stole a wallet containing a three-figure sum from a local man in the Spanish capital

Barcelona’s Montoya has took to Twitter to strongly deny he took 230 euros from a taxi driver in Madrid.

Earlier this week, it was alleged by a local man named Miguel Collado that the player stole his wallet when he dropped off Barca’s Cristian Tello, Gerard Deulofeu and Montoya himself in the Spanish capital.

However, the 21-year-old moved to refute the claims on the social networking site.

“The accusations coming regarding the theft of a taxi driver's portfolio are totally false,” said Montoya.

Mr Collado alleges La Masia graduate challenged him to contact the police and said it was simply his word again Montoya’s.

“In my wallet I had my documents, 230 euros and my daughter’s medical card. She’s interned in a hospital at the moment,” Mr Collado told “Montoya told me that I was only a taxi driver and that he was a footballer, that it was going to be his word against mine."

He added, “I filed a complaint at first but I wasn’t planning on following it through, but then a fake agent contacted me and threatened me. He also said I was a f****** racist. That’s when I decided to be serious about it.

 “It was my second ride of the day and it was only 8:15 AM, there is no chance that someone else was the thief other than this t**t.”

Barcelona has yet to comment on the accusations.

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