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The goalkeeper reveals another side to his relationship with the Portuguese forward, but has hailed his teammate's impressive goalscoring exploits this season

Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas has described Cristiano Ronaldo as a "teammate, a friend and an enemy" and reveals he regularly argues with the Portuguese forward.

Reports of a rift were rife earlier on this season and while the two have both denied any animosity and have even been pictured together - with their girlfriends - at social events, Casillas says their relationship is not always harmonious.

In an interview with ESPN, the goalkeeper said of Ronaldo: "He's a friend and a teammate. A teammate and a friend. But he's also an enemy, because we argue a lot."

Ronaldo hit 40 league goals for Madrid this term (53 in all) and Casillas hailed the 26-year-old's scoring contribution, saying he would pick the Portuguese ahead of five-time Pichichi winner Hugo Sanchez in a Real Madrid dream team.

"I never played with Hugo and I did not see him play much," the goalkeeper said.

"I will stick with what I know and that's Cristiano. It's not by chance that he scored 40 in a season. And he has done it before so he must be good."

Casillas also praised coach Jose Mourinho for making the cub competitive again.

"He [Mourinho] has formed a competitive team with aggressive character and he has made us more mature," he said.

"We are a young team and our first tooth came out with the Copa del Rey. But we are not satisfied and we have to be more ambitious."

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