Jose Mourinho: Real Madrid's Win Over Osasuna Was Easy

No problem whatsoever, says Jose.
Real Madrid managed just one goal as they ousted Osasuna in La Liga's second matchday, but home coach Jose Mourinho felt that this margin of victory belied a much simpler performance.

He told Marca, "That was an easy match to win, no problem about it. (Iker) Casillas didn't have a single save to make, easy or otherwise.

"It wasn't a great game. The second half was better than the first but I know how to build a team, as shown by the fact that we've played two and conceded none.

"I'm happy with the fact that we have three points and that we totally controlled the game. On the bench I felt no pressure or fear. But we didn't quite have the feeling of goalscoring like we've had in the past at the Bernabeu. The people want to see more, and I want to as well."

On that subject the Portuguese stated that what the fans felt of the performance was entirely up to them.

"The fans are the ones who pay me, so I have to shut up and accept what they say," he shrugged.

"That's not something you need to interpret. I just need to work hard and completely satisfy the fans. I'll never say a word against the Bernabeu fans. I can like them or not, I would prefer support. But I'll never criticize: I will always accept."


Karim Benzema started on the right, much to the surprise of some fans but Mourinho offered his explanation.

"That was a bit risky because it meant there was no striker on the bench in the case that we wanted to mix things up," said Jose.

"But it sent out a good message to Benzema, namely that he can play alongside (Gonzalo) Higuain and Cristiano (Ronaldo). He had some good moments.

"It's possible to play with three attackers but only if they can all defend. In the first half Osasuna's creative players had time on the ball. In the second they didn't, because we pressured them more, which was the right thing to do."

On the subject of Mesut Oezil playing ahead of Kaka, Mourinho said, "Things aren't difficult for Kaka now - I want both of them. I have four players with serious injuries, but Oezil isn't causing any difficulties for anyone. Today he was very important for the team and if he'd just managed a goal it would have been a great debut.

"Like Sami (Khedira), who had a great game, he's improving. These are new players and they need encouragement and affirmation from the Bernabeu. Ricardo (Carvalho) and Pedro (Leon) also earn that kind of leeway from the fans."

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