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The German top flight is celebrating a ninth successive annual turnover record, breaking all previous highs in 2012-13.

The Bundesliga made a record 383.5-million-euro profit in 2012-13, the Deutsche Fussball League (DFL) announced.

The figures, released Tuesday as part of the Bundesliga Report 2014, highlight further fantastic growth in the German top flight, with the DFL also revealing the league recorded a ninth successive turnover record during last season. A total of 2.17 billion euro marked a 4.4 percent gain on 2011-12.

"The Bundesliga is succeeding in the split between top level sports performance and economic rationality, especially compared to others in Europe," said Christian Seifert, CEO of the DFL. "Thanks also to the further increases with the media contracts that take effect this season, the league is on the road to extending its position as the second-strongest-earning football league in Europe."

Further evidence of the economic stability is the confirmation that player salaries for 2012-13 were equal to just 39 percent of total revenue.

The 2.Bundesliga also recorded excellent economic growth last season, with a 419.4 million euro turnover marking a 9.1% annual gain.

Bayern Munich was triumphant in the Bundesliga in 2012-13, winning the league some 25 points ahead of Borussia Dortmund, before going on to beat BVB 2-1 in the Champions League final at Wembley in May.