Bayern Munich president Hoeness set for tax evasion trial

The Bavarian chief's lawsuit alleging tax fraud will be carried on in 2014 after his voluntary disclosure, which he filed in January, was declared invalid.
Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness will stand trial in March 2014 after tax evasion charges were brought against him.

Earlier this year, the CEO had been charged for failing to pay taxes on an undeclared Swiss bank account, and immediately filed a voluntary disclosure, which has now been rejected by the prosecutors.

"I'm very surprised that my voluntary disclosure from Jan. 17 has been declared invalid by the authorities," the 61-year-old told Bild. "During the next months I will, together with my lawyers, work very hard on making sure that our arguments will convince in front of the court."

Meanwhile, the club has unanimously backed Hoeness to remain at his position, regardless of the ongoing legal proceedings.

A club statement read: "The Bayern board has animously decided that Uli Hoeness should stay the chairman of the supervisory board, despite the now-ensued opening of the main trial."